Hey, it’s less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day can you believe it! I am one of those that is a last-minute shopper, mostly because of mommy brain which causes me to completely forget until the day before or more accurately the night before. My number one goal for the year is to be better prepared for things.

vday gift

Here is what gift giving looks like between my husband and me. We rarely buy each other gifts and if we do it’s not much of a surprise. The reason being, money. We are on a very tight budget, therefore we don’t buy each other gifts. When we are able to get each other something, it’s not a much of a surprise because we can’t necessarily afford to get each other something that the other doesn’t actually like or use. If we do plan on buying something for each other, we will simply ask for a list of 2-3 things the other would like and then we order it off Amazon.

When we do get Valentines Day gifts, I like it when it’s centered around the meaning of love that Jesus has shown us. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with non-religious gifts to show your love too (I myself would feel really loved if I was given a new Kate Spade handbag)

If you are in the same boat and money is too tight to buy individual gifts, instead of not getting anything at all, buy something for your marriage. A couples gift that you get for yourselves! Marriage is such a beautiful vocation that God has blessed us with and it should be celebrated.

You can find hundreds of lists that are going to tell you what to get your boo, today I’m going to share with you a list of the Catholic gift ideas for him, her, and couple gifts.

HimGift ideas for men

herGifts for woman

catholic couple giftsCouple gifts ideas.

I hope this gives you some gift ideas for you and your love. If there is anything I missed please comment below.