We updated our kitchen!! I am so excited to share with you the changes we’ve made to update our kitchen while on a budget.



Here is what our kitchen looked like before.



If you noticed, there was no dishwasher (nor place for one) and there was no refrigerator. The fridge hookup was originally at the end of the counter where the sink is. The house also initially came with very old appliances. The first thing on our list was to get new appliances and figure out how to add a dishwasher. I know a lot of people prefer the good o’ way of handwashing their dishes but personally, we need the convenience of having a dishwasher.

Here is how the kitchen looks now…

Modern Farmhouse kitchen on a budget

TADA! It wasn’t a total kitchen remodel but definitely a big change. One of the biggest changes to the kitchen were the cabinets had to be rearranged in order to get a dishwasher to fit in here. Some the other ways we decided to keep the budget within a reasonable range are:

  • We bought appliances at a really good sale price (we bought these during the labor day sale at the local home improvement store)
  • We decided to reuses the existing cabinet and just painted them
  • Picked a countertop that was in stock at the local granite and marble place
    (tip: going with what was in stock is a lot cheaper than something that needed to be ordered)

modern farmhouse kitchen on a budget

The appliances we choose are GE black stainless steel appliances. I really love the way the black stainless steel looks, especially in contrast to the white cabinets.

The cabinets did take a lot of work because they needed to get sanded down followed by a few good coats of primer in order to give a nice clean look. Because we decided to use the preexisting cabinets, there are definitely still some flaws. They still have a lot of knicks and dents in them. But hey, it looks a lot better than before and it didn’t break the bank. It would have been an easy couple of thousand dollars to get all new cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse kitchen update on a budget

I also was able to get all the knobs for the kitchen for only $25!! They are Amazon Basic brand black matte knobs which seem very comparable in quality to the home improvement store’s knobs but for only a fraction of the price.

I was also able to find this VIGO kitchen faucet for under $200 from Amazon. My favorite feature about this faucet, other than it definitely gives off a modern farmhouse vibe, is that it came in a matte black and stainless steel color combo.

Modern Farmhouse kitchen update


So that is the first part of our kitchen update while staying on a budget. Next is fixing the drywall, paint, a possible backsplash, and decor! Stay tuned. Until then here are a couple of farmhouse inspired saint quotes for your kitchen.

saint kitchen

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