Now that the weather is cold and nearing the winter months that means it’s time for dry skin. Unfortunately I have sensitive dry skin and the majority of my children have inherited that too. This is why it is important to me that I take care of my skin and teach my children to do so as well. One way I do this is by being picky with the type of skin care products we use.I have recently had the pleasure of receiving Tubby Todd’s body care products to try and so far loving it! 


Tubby Todd is a company dedicated to creating clean, safe, quality bath products for all ages yet gentle and effective for those with sensitive skin. Another added bonus is Tubby Todd products are also safe to use with cloth diapers. You can learn more about them and what type of ingredients are used on their website:


Tubby Snowfall Bundle, their limited edition winter collection, is amazing! This is the perfect bathing essentials for me to keep my children’s skin moisturized and protected during the winter months all while adding a sense of coziness due to the great smells. A touch of hygge at bath time which is always needed during the hectic holidays.


The Spiced Cider bubble bath smells so good and I was surprised that just a small squirt produced a generous amount of lasting bubbles. This was a fun treat to Roman’s bath time and the girls loved the scent. 


Merry Berry Hair + Body Wash has a great lather and just like the bubble bath, a little bit goes a long way.  Just like it says in it’s name, this hair and body wash has a nice berry smell with a hint of citrus. 


The Candied Apple Lotion is one the yummiest smelling lotions I have smelled! Even my children love the scent. Another amazing thing is usually anything with fragrance usually irritates me after a while but this hasn’t! This is by far our family’s favorite. 

Another product we received it the All Over Ointment. It’s Tubby Todd’s fragrance free balm that is perfect for dry skin. The consistency is thick and creamy but easily blends into the skin without leaving any weird, sticky, or oily residue. I like using a small dab on hands throughout the day. The All Over Ointment has been helping my daughters whom have extremely dry skin. This product has also cleared up Roman’s dry patches he had on cheeks. 




Overall I am extremely happy with all the products I have used from Tubby Todd. It is refreshing to find bath products that all my kids can use. I can confidently say I will continue to use their products in the future. They have some bath bombs that will make for great stocking stuffers for my girls! I definitely recommend you give Tubby Todd products a try. Take 15% off your next purchase with this link!