WE HAVE A NEW HOME!! It’s definitely a fixer upper but we absolutely LOVE it. It was truly a blessing. Just as we were starting to get discouraged by the prices of homes in the area we were looking in, God had this diamond in the rough within the area we were wanting and at a great price!!  

new home tour

Currently, we have been in the house for about 2 weeks and are still living out of boxes. We are still waiting to get some work done to the house before we can really start setting up our home. Let me tell y’all, I am soo ready to get things in place so we can try to start resuming back to normal life and routine. We have a lot of plans for the house and finally, the renovations started this week so I want to share with you what everything looks like before.


Starting on the main level we have the entry area (not shown because I totally forgot to take a pic is a pantry/ laundry closet):


Dining room:

Then off the dining room is the basement:

Then there’s a separate floor for just the living room:

The living room is in complete disarray due to a lot of stuff is being stored in here until the main level gets done. So until reno completion, this is where our old dining room table, office, and homeschool stuff is along with our living room stuff.

Then off of the living room is a fourth (or 3rd 1/2, its hard to describe since our layout is very unique) floor where all the bedrooms and full bathrooms are…

Kids room/ spare room/ kids bathroom:

Master bedroom and bath:

Master bedroom is definitely a lot smaller than our older house but we can fit the necessities.

So that’s my new home!! Like I said in the beginning, there’s a lot of work left to do but it’s starting to come along. I can’t wait to show yall how all the rooms come out after renovating. If any of you have tips or advice on how to survive moving into a new home while pregnant, homeschooling, or living under some construction with a lot of kids please let me know in the comments below!!!