Being surrounded by things that remind us of our faith is important to me. I have always loved the idea of a space that I can display our liturgical items and somewhere we can see them daily. So recently I decided to turn a small part of our dining room into a little liturgical area. Today I am sharing with you how I set mine up and give you some simple tips so you can set up your own.

Setting up a liturgical Table

Before setting up my liturgical table, I spent some time planning first. I have found that anytime I have sporadically tried to execute any of my ideas without much planning they were never practical and always failed. Here are some things to consider when planning out your liturgical table.

  1. What exactly would you like to have on your liturgical table? I personally want to keep my liturgical space minimal to avoid it getting cluttered. This is an area that I would want to display our saint of month prayer cards, lent/advent prayers, or display the current month’s devotions. I knew I would want to keep flowers here and only one small statue at a time. Having an idea of what you would like to keep in this area is going to help you with then figuring out…
  2. Where are you going to set up your liturgical table? Your liturgical table/space should be somewhere prominent in your home. Somewhere you will see it every day. Our dining room is the place in our home where we gather as a family every day, multiple times a day so that is why I picked our dining room. Now you go on to the question of do you have something you can already use?
  3. What will you use? If you don’t have the space for a designated table, that is totally okay! Try adding a small shelf in a room that your family is in often (like the dining room, living room, or even the kitchen!), use a shelf on a bookshelf, or fireplace mantle. We were very limited on space in our townhouse and we put a shelf right above the tv in our living room to display some of our liturgical items.liturgical table planner
  4. How are you going to store items not being used? Since this is meant to be something that we are changing throughout the liturgical season, I believe it is extremely helpful to have you will store things figure out in advance. I have a cabinet in my living room that I store all my saint cards and religious statues. Any prayer cards or religious statues being switched out will go in there. Small storage bins might be useful to store anything items you may acquire specifically for your liturgical table decorations. Items such as candles, lent/ advent items, any special props, etc..
  5. What is going to help you keep up with your liturgical table? Planning out for future months is extremely helpful. Think of how you which feast days you would want to decorate for. Look up when Holy Days of Obligation, Lent, or Advent is. This website has listed all the traditional monthly devotions of our Catholic Church, which is a great place to start when thinking of ideas. There are pages in the Liturgical Table Planner for you to plan out future months to make keeping up with your Liturgical area easier.

Enjoy these free Liturgical Table Planner pages!


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  • Don’t stress out if you can’t change to decorations out every month. Once again this is supposed to help us be more mindful of our Lord and be a simple way to add truth, goodness, and God’s beauty into our homes not add stress.
  • I am a huge fan of buy secondhand. Check out thrift stores and facebook’s market place for items you may need. I found some great second-hand religious items and furniture (if you need a table). 
  • If you don’t have a lot of religious art, statues, or books, don’t sweat. You can add to your collection over time. Don’t feel like you need to have everything right away. Make a wishlist so you know what you would like and ask for some of these items as gifts for holidays or birthdays.
  • Keep things minimal. Having a liturgical table isn’t meant to be an extra chore or complicated. It can be as simple as just having a saint’s prayer card up and a book of the saint displayed.


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I will display the saint of the month that we are learning about, the month’s devotion, and a list of the prayers we are currently working on memorizing. This setup cost me under $100. 

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Liturgical table set up for the feast of our Lady’s birthday

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Liturgical table set up for the feast of Saint Hildegard



Look out for future posts on how I decorate for each month along with ideas and resources for you to decorate yours!! I would love to see your liturgical table and your ideas on decorating it. Please comment below with ideas or message me to have your ideas/pictures featured in future blog posts! If you found this post helpful please share and don’t forget to pin it!