I am so excited to share with you an awesome subscription box for Catholics called Saint of the Month that I recently discovered. I had the blessing of being given one to try out and today I am going to give you my full honest review on it. The saint for this month is Saint Nicholas!

Here is a little about the company:
The curator for the Saint of the Month is Patrick Pulis. He created Saint of the Month as a way for us to get to know and learn about the saints. It is also intended to help encourage us to follow the example of our heavenly friends in holiness, so that way we too may becomes saints. You can read more about the company at their website here.
I personally think this is a great subscription box for Catholic homeschool families. Our Catholic faith is a big part of our lives, therefore, a huge part of our homeschool studies. The Saint of the Month boxes are a great addition to help cultivate a fun and faith filled learning experience for your family. So let’s check out what’s in the box!

First off, check out how pretty this box is! I love the wood look to it. It is a very nice looking package that makes seeing it in the mailbox even more exciting. The company states that they send out the packages by the 27th of every month and you are to receive it within the first week of that month. I got a shipping notification on the 27th and mine came in by the 30th! So I’m impressed by how fast it arrived.
In every box, there will be a pamphlet on whoever the saint of that month is along with a card that will have 4 weeks worth of goals. The pamphlets has a brief summary of the company and a story about the saint. The weekly goal are simple little activities to help you grow in holiness like the saints. Here are examples of the weekly goals for December.


Then there are 4 cutely wrapped little gifts for each week. Each present is labeled so you can easily tell which item is for which week. You are not suppose to open each gift until it is the corresponding week. Obviously I opened all the gifts this month in order to write this post. I tried to re-wrap everything though because my kids would really enjoy the unwrapping part.  Here is a picture of all the nicely wrapped gifts.
Now onto the fun part, seeing what everything is! Week 1’s gift is a Francesca Battistelli Christmas Album. With every week, there is a little note that expands on that week’s goal. A virtue is even being taught! This is a great item for my family because, sadly, we didn’t have any Christmas albums until now.
 Week 2 is a really cool activity. It came with three Christmas cards for you to fill out and send to family or friends. The envelopes even came with stamps!! How convenient! This is an activity I know my kids are going to really enjoy. This is my personal favorite thing that came in the box because I think it’s a great way to get your kids involved and think about others. It’s already to go and Mommy doesn’t have to do any work with setup! The cards are really cute, love how it is all Merry Christmas as well.
 Week 3’s gift is a fictional elaborated story of the birth of Jesus to help you reflect upon this Christmas season, written by Patrick Pulis. There is a reading guide, which are questions, for the story as well.  Also included for week 3 are little coloring cards that came from Giving Jesus for week 3. There are 10 cards with cute pictures along with a bible verse. These would make for great memorization cards for children.
 Week 4’s gift was a very nice knit infinety scarf. It is a beautiful two toned red scarf. I am assuming red for Saint Nick! It seems to be great quality, super soft, and warm. Here is a picture of me modeling it for you. I did not see a note for week 4, I’m not sure if one was suppose to be included or not.
So that is what was in the box. I am very excited when I came across Saint of the Month and since getting it and seeing everything that was included, I am NOT disappointed. I can confidently say I will be happy to get more Saint of the Month boxes and I do recommend it. This is a great monthly subscription box I think would be fun for a single adult to large families that are interested in learning more about the saints.
*** DISCLAIMER: I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am not being compensated for this review. 
You can also check out my unboxing video here.