One thing I really want to start doing is celebrating the saints’ feast days with my family, especially the saints special to us. I have decided to make celebrating the saints part of my new “liturgical” year resolution. This brings us to Saint Francis Xavier, who is a one of our family favorites. This is the saint my husband chose as his confirmation saint and we gave Bradley the middle name Xavier after Saint Francis Xavier.
Saint Francis Xavier’s feast day is December 3rd. He is the patron saint for Catholic missions, African missions, Goa, India, China, and missionaries. Saint Francis was companions with Saint Ignatius, whom was the person to encourage Saint Francis to become a priest, and helped to start the Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits.
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Some of the things we did to celebrate Saint Francis Xavier are:
  • We read his story from A Catholic Child’s Illustrated Lives of the Saint. I love this verse of his story compared to any of the other saint stories I have of Saint Francis. I am also starting to read Saint Francis of the Seven Seas with Bradley.
  • The kids drew pictures of Saint Francis Xavier but you can also find some great coloring pages here and here.
  • As a family, we watched Francis Xavier and the Samurai’s Lost Treasure which is available on Formed. In the movie he saved pearl divers, stood off pirates, and quested with a mysterious samurai warrior in search for a hidden treasure. It is a very entertaining video that really engages with the kids. CCC of America also has a coloring page here.
  • For dinner, we had stir fry chicken. I wanted something that was Asian inspired since Saint Francis did so many great deeds in many parts of Asia.
  • For the kids that are capable, copy the Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier.
Since December 3rd, this year, is the first Sunday of Advent, the big part of the day was spent focusing on that. I was unable to get as much stuff as I’d like for Saint Francis Xavier but I am happy he was at least emphasized through out the day.
 image from Theophilia
Here is the Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier
Help me become a hero—
One who executes both spiritual and physical feats;
One who gives himself up to be a part of something greater;
One who departs on a journey and returns changed.
Help me to emphasize the magis—
One who does his best in every area;
One who strives to be great in all aspects of his life.
Help me become a person with and for others—
One who respects himself as well as others;
One who performs deeds not for himself, but for others.
Help me become a leader—
One who persuades others to do the right thing;
One who guides others through action, not talk.
We pray to you for help, St. Xavier.
Do you have any special traditions for Saint Francis Xavier? Comment bellow!