Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Today I wanted to share with you some random thoughts I had about Saint Joseph, the humble and hidden saint. First off, what an awesome guy, I mean he took Mary, who was pregnant with not his child, to be his wife out of love for her, and then raised that child! 

I recently watched this clip talking about Saint Joseph. It mentions how Joseph, being one of Jesus’ primary caregivers and being the good Jewish man he was, would be the first one to teach Jesus about God. It would be through His earthly father that Jesus would learn about His real Father. How awesome! Thinking about it in this way just really resonated deeply with me. You can watch the video here

We don’t know much about Joseph because his life was very hidden. If you look at Mark chapter 6, it’s basically about having humility in our acts holiness. Joseph is the perfect example of this. Regardless if anyone sees the good deeds we do, God does. We should not do good deeds for the praise of others but out of genuine love and compassion because we see the face of Jesus in others, just as Joseph recognized the Messiah, Jesus. This all, also, goes perfectly along with Lent. 



Image from Theophilia

Saint Joseph, pray for us!


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