When we lost a baby a couple months ago, I was extremely devastated but my husband and I did both decided we would want to try as soon as we could to get pregnant again. We thought it would take a while until we would conceive again so we decided to sell our house and try to move. Shortly after talking with a realtor and starting to put the plan of selling/moving in motion we found out that we are expecting!

Pregnancy after Loss

So shortly after the storm, we are expecting our rainbow baby! Upon finding out I was pregnant, I had a huge range of emotions. I felt so relieved that I was able to get pregnant only a month after losing the last one, super nervous about us getting into the midst of fixing up our home while pregnant, and what if something goes wrong again. Luckily I was able to be seen by a doctor a couple weeks earlier than usual and they were able to confirm that there is a completely healthy baby and that there was indeed a strong healthy heartbeat. Praise be! Other good news is I’m not on any restrictions and there is no need to be concerned about me moving right now. Currently, I am 7 weeks and I plan on sharing updates about my pregnancy on a weekly-biweekly basis.

pregnancy letter board announcement

Thank you all for your prayers and kind support when we announced the loss of baby Francis a couple months ago, I would truly appreciate and be grateful for continued prayers.