Bullet jounral (1)

Things can get a little hectic around here, as you can imagine. Especially with mommy brain. It is easy to forget doctor appointments, when a bill is due, or even whats for dinner. In attempt to keep track of everything, I use a bullet journal. I’ve been bullet journaling for awhile now and currently going on to my fourth one. My bullet journal helps me with my finances, keeping track of appointments, planning special events, remind me of the things I need to do, as well as jotting down any random ideas. Before starting a bullet journal, I spent countless hours searching for the perfect method that would help me keep my life order. I’ve tried personal planners, sticky note methods, apps, and more. Too often would I end up feeling too constricted or discouraged because I’d have a hard time keeping up with whatever the method was. Then I came across the bullet journal system. Since I LOVE making lists, I have an obsession with making things pretty and unique to my own personal style, the bullet journal turns out to be a perfect fit for me; at least for right now 😉 . Admittedly, I am not always on top of my bullet journal but it definitely helps this household run smoother.

Here is a peak into my bullet journal…


I am using a Northbooks dot grid journal, which I LOVE. My last bujo was also a Northbooks journal. I’ve used Moleskin and other types in the past but these are awesome. They are super affordable compared to others and great quality. I have not experienced as bad of a bleed through issue as compared to others; so they work really well with pens.


First is my key and index. Then my future log, which is 3 pages. I’m using these adorable mini month calendar stickers from Michaels. My future log is from August 2017 to August 2018 but this bujo will probably only last me six months tops.


Since I am always forgetting a password to something, I keep a website and password page. I also keep a Mass and penance schedule of the three closest Catholic churches near me. It’s very convenient to have a list of when confession or Mass is, just in case we need to go to a different parish than our norm.


I have a year at a glance/ monthly bill tracker that helps me know which bills were paid for the month and it helps with seeing the pattern of our utility bills. Then it is my daily routine…well it’s a goal of what I would like my day would look like.

September is the first month in my new journal. Here is what my monthly spreads generally look like. I print this page out for the month and next to it is where I keep a list of important dates, appointments, bills due for the month, blog to do for the month, and notes. It’s pretty simple but I do like to dress up the monthly spreads occasionally. I line each month with washi tape. This makes it easier for me to quickly know where I am in the bullet journal and its a cheap/ quick way of making it look pretty.


Here is a look in to some of my past bullet journals…

So over all, the bullet journal has been a huge help in my daily life. Mine is not the most prettiest or fancy as I’ve seen others but that is the beauty of bullet journals. It can be whatever you make it into be. You can see more of my bullet journal on Instagram too.