Good day everyone and Happy New Year! Here is an update on my pregnancy… I am now 37 weeks pregnant with baby #6 (7th pregnancy). As some of you may already know, I had a miscarriage right before getting pregnant with this little one so being in the final stretch of this pregnancy is such a blessing!Rock the blues in style


This has been by far the hardest pregnancy I’ve had. I had morning sickness up until 14/15 weeks and I’ve been one exhausted mama. I think all the stress of selling our house and moving contributed to the severity of my pregnancy symptoms. Then our household was hit by a few sicknesses which are always worse when pregnant. Thankfully I’m feeling pretty well now.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was receiving prenatal care from a local ob/gyn practice and the initial plan was to just have the baby at the hospital. I personally prefer to have our babies at home but because of the move and everything we decided to just have a hospital birth. Shortly after moving, hubby and I decided to change our plans and we are now doing a homebirth. Ever since making the switch, I have felt so much more at peace and excited about labor and delivery.

Nesting is kicking in and I have more energy and motivation to start preparing for baby. My main focus for the next couple of weeks is to better organize everything, try to find a place for everything, stock up on several freezer meals, and double (or triple) check we have everything we need for the baby. 


36 weeks


Baby has been doing great!! Praise God! I’ve been so nervous this time around and thankfully this little baby has been active with a strong healthy heartbeat and growing perfectly. We did find out that our newest addition is a BOY!!! So the teams will be tied at 3 boys and 3 girls. He has been super active to the point of me questioning if it’s an alien octopus verse one little babe.

TO BE TOTALLY HONEST WITH YOU… I don’t enjoy being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong. I am truly thankful, blessed, and so happy to be having another baby and grateful to be able to be pregnant. BUT despite having fairly easy pregnancies, I don’t like being pregnant. Pregnancy doesn’t make me feel like a glowing beautiful goddess, instead, I just feel uncomfortable for 40weeks. I do however enjoy the labor part. Because pregnancy isn’t one of my favorite things in the world, I like to make a lot of goals such as special ways to document the pregnancy, crafts, or other things to make the pregnancy feel special. In my mind, these things help with bonding with the baby along with making the whole experience more enjoyable. A lot of my pregnancy plans didn’t go as planned which has caused some minor pregnancy blues. You can read about some of the disappointments I’ve had and what helped me look past the frustrations HERE


Here is a quick look at my pregnancy (not in any order).

36 updateim2

Do you enjoy pregnancy? What are some of your must-dos before the baby comes? Comment below!!! Also, checkout my minimalist baby must-haves with free checklist!