Avila is a pre-kindergartener this year! Although she will be turning five this fall, her birthday is after September 30th which is past the kindergarten cut off date. She is super eager to do school and learn so I plan on taking advantage of that and start some more formal studies with her. The plan is to keep things light and follow her lead since she still is very young. Here is what is in store for our pre-kindergarten this year.



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Our pre-kindergarten curriculum choices for 2019 – 2020 



We will be working on basic prayer memorization and read the Catholic Children Treasure Box books. Avila loves reading the little Therese stories the most. Bible and saint stories will be included in our morning/tea time basket as well.

Language Arts:


Along the Alphabet:
Along the Alphabet Path

Once again we will be doing the Along the Alphabet Path studies. This includes a story written by Elizabeth Foss (you can find it here), the Alphabet of Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker, an Alphabet of Catholic Saints, and favorite childhood books and authors. You can read more about our Along the Alphabet plans here.






Read alouds are for pure pleasure. I don’t require any narration at this age but more often than not she is more than happy to share her thoughts and retell what we’ve read. I do want to encourage her to start drawing pictures about what we read but it wont be mandatory.


We are very blessed to have a decently large Catholic homeschool group in our area. They have a co-op that covers history, science, art, and the Catechism of the Good Shepherd for little ones. My kids are excited to be part of the co-op and look forward to seeing their friends more often. 


I am really excited for this school year with Avila. She is an intelligent little girl and she’s had a hankering to do school. I believe she can be challenged but I don’t want to squash her spirits. I will be following her lead and try not to let things become too overwhelming. The goal for Avila is to get her educational journey rolling, have fun, and see where the year takes us.


Do you have a pre-kindergartener this year? If so, comment below with your curriculum choices!