prayerscheduleIf you read my Goals for 2018, you would have seen that working on my faith is one of my top goals. Prayer is something I personally struggle with. I go through phases where I’m good at getting in daily prayer and other times I totally forget. My current prayer routine, or lack thereof, is nowhere near where it should be. Admittedly, I do not pray formally every day. Throughout the day, I do have frequent little conversations with God and our heavenly friends. Examples: God I really need your strength to help me get through this situation. Saint Anthony, I really need to find this thing. Can you please help me find it. Guardian Angel, can you tell that child’s angel that kid needs to calm down. Dear Mother, please help with this current mothering situation. I know, I probably sound like a crazy person.

I do need to form a better prayerful relationship with our Lord. Personally, I am not a morning person, but I am realizing the benefits of waking up just 15 minutes before the kids in the morning. I am trying to start praying in the morning and end in prayer. Recently I saw someone who had taken a photo of their daily scripture reading and mentioned, “Even Jesus got up early to pray and spend time with his Father”. This really helps me have a better outlook on waking up early to spend with God.

My new daily prayer routine:


  • Morning offering
  • Prayer for your husband
  • Prayer for Motherhood
  • Three Hail Marys

Prayers with kids before school:

  • Family prayer
  • Prayer of Saint Ignatius


  • Family Rosary (only one decade before the kids go to bed)
  • Prayer Intentions
  • Litany of Saints


  • Three Hail Marys
  • a thorough examination of conscience.
  • A couple of prayers with my husband


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Do you struggle with prayer or do you have a rocking prayer life? What’s your current prayer schedule look like? Got any tips? Comment below. If you liked this post please pin and share!