/ˈhōmˌbädē/ (noun) a person who likes to stay at home

Welcome to the Catholic Homebody!
My name is Roxanne!

Fix up your domestic church in all areas of home life: faith, family, home improvement and decor, and home educating. I invite you to come in and see a glimpse of my own home; a place where I strive in creating a charming and holy space that my family loves to call home.

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”Sometimes she must
leave God at the altar,
and find Him
in her housekeeping.”

- Saint Frances of Rome

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magnolia shop look a likes
Our Home

Magnolia Look-A-Likes

First let me start by saying I am a HUGE fan of Joanna Gaines, I mean who isn’t?! She is one of my idols. I love her fashion style and of course her home designs. One of my dream vacations…

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along the alphabet path letter c
Home Education

Letter C

This week’s Along the Alphabet Path studies was pleasantly filled C! If you are unaware of what the Along the Alphabet Path is go to THIS post to read all about it.  Letter C is for Columbine Fairy and Saint…

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Home Education

Letter B

Last week we started our Along the Alphabet Path studies with letter A where we met Michael, Mrs. Applebee, the Apple Blossom fairy, and Saint Anne. The girls had a blast with last week’s activities and were eager to continue…

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Along the Alphabet path letter a
Home Education

Letter A

We kicked off our Along the Alphabet Path studies and commenced with the letter A! If you are unaware of what the Along the Alphabet Path is go to THIS post to read all about it.  Letter A is for…

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stay at home mom wardrobe

Making a SAHM Wardrobe

Before I begin let me be real honest, I would usually wear joggers and a dirty oversized t-shirt every day unless I am going out. If I had to leave my house, I would put on a clean decent outfit…

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Home Education

Along the Alphabet Path

One of our favorite studies we have done is Elizabeth Foss’ Along the Alphabet Path. This is a Catholic literature study that includes Saint stories, a little bit of botany, poems from Cicely Mary Barker, books from favorite children’s authors,…

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