/ˈhōmˌbädē/ (noun) a person who likes to stay at home

Welcome to the Catholic Homebody!
My name is Roxanne!

Fix up your domestic church in all areas of home life: faith, family, home improvement and decor, and home educating. I invite you to come in and see a glimpse of my own home; a place where I strive in creating a charming and holy space that my family loves to call home.

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”Sometimes she must
leave God at the altar,
and find Him
in her housekeeping.”

- Saint Frances of Rome

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Home Education

A is for…

A is for Apple Blossom Fairy, Apples, and St. Anne.   This week we Started our journey Along the Alphabet Path!! Letter A was the focus this week. We first started off reading the first story of Michael and Mrs….

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Home Education

Along the Alphabet Path

I am excited to share with you our plans for Along the Alphabet Path. You can learn more about the Alphabet Path here. Bradley and Genevieve both have done this in the past so Kateri is ecstatic to finally be able…

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Pursuit to Order: My Bullet Journal

Things can get a little hectic around here, as you can imagine. Especially with mommy brain. It is easy to forget doctor appointments, when a bill is due, or even whats for dinner. In attempt to keep track of everything, I use…

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Home Education

Homeschool Area

Today, I’m sharing how I make five kids and homeschooling fit in my small townhome. In the past, the dining room was always our main place for learning but halfway through last year, and going into this year, we have…

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Home Education

2017 – 2018 Lesson Plans

This year Beaver will be Level 1A/ yr 2 (3rd grade), Raccoon is now Level 1B (1st grade), and Hedgehog is prep level. We will continue to use Mater Amabilis as a guideline while supplementing to fit our needs. Here are…

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Home Education

Homeschool BuJo for 2017-2018

It is August and our school year has officially started. WOOHOO! Today I am going to share with you my homeschool bujo [bullet journal]. I have spent the past month in homeschool nesting mode. Consumed with cleaning, organizing, cracking down…

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