After a few months of settling in, we have our farmhouse inspired homeschool room setup! Before we moved, my past homeschool setup was in my dining room due to our living arrangements but now that we have more space we decided to make a separate area for our homeschool room. Our homeschool area in our basement and although the basement is not a huge space, it’s perfect for our homeschool needs. Our homeschool room is actually one of my favorite spaces in our home. I often find myself going down here just for some peace and quiet.Farmhouse inspired


Funny fact (now), two days after we had our basement renovated it flooded which ruined the new floor! This put a delay on setting things up down here but we were able to get the floor replaced with different waterproof flooring.

We have two bookshelves that holds all of our homeschool curriculum that is not in use, supplies, and the majority of our kid books.


We have a love seat on the side where all the bookshelves are so that we can have a comfy area to read in.


We are currently using our old dining room table. I personally like it when we are sitting together when doing school work because I feel like I can help everyone out a bit easier but I am thinking about adding a couple desks. We also do a lot of our studies in the dining room when we need more space, which is super convenient since the basement is right off of the dining room.


On our fireplace, I have two bins that hold our daily/ used most often homeschool books. Having the stuff in these bins help make our school books easier to transport.


On the other side, I have Ikea cubbies that hold things that are meant to keep the toddler and baby occupied (which the majority of the time they don’t) like toys and baby books. I also keep my printer, some school supplies, and our Math U See blocks over here.

farmhouse style homeschool room

We recently decided to make one wall a giant chalkboard wall which has been a very fun addition to our homeschool room. I’ve always wanted to try having a chalkboard wall/ experiment with chalkboard paint and finally decided to go for it. 


So far I love our new homeschool room. Finishing up our schoolroom is on my summer to-do list, I still have a lot of stuff I would like to add and need to organize things better. I will give you all an update before the fall starts.


Before moving, I wouldn’t say I was necessarily against homeschool classrooms but I never really wanted one. Since deciding to have one in our new home, I have found that even if we are doing our school work in other places half the time it so handy to have a designated room that holds all of our homeschool stuff.

Do you have a homeschool room, what are some must haves for a learning space? Comment below with how you have your learning space(s) set up.

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