A while ago, I received All About Reading’s Pre Reading for review. I have used All About Reading level 1 with Bradley and currently with Genevieve, so I was super excited to give the Pre Reading level a try with Kateri and Avila. Today I am going to share how I decided to set up All About Reading’s Pre Reading Level curriculum.pinaar


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Before I get into the setup, here is a little gist of what my plans are: Kateri is going to be kindergarten and I plan on using All About Reading Pre Reading alongside with Elizabeth Foss’ Along the Alphabet Path. Avila will also be following along but my main focus will be more on Kateri.

Okay back to the setup… Here are all the materials.

All About Reading Pre Reading organization materials

The Pre-Reading Level Deluxe package comes with a lot! I received this adorable All About Reading tote bag, the Ziggy zebra puppet, teachers manual, student pack, The Zigzag Zebrabook, Lizard Lou book, Divider Cards, animal stickers, and Letter Sounds A to Zapp.

I decided to organize everything in a 1.5” three-ring binder.

All About Reading Pre Reading binder

In my binder, everything organized by letter and in page protectors. Along with All About Reading’s materials, I also included things I would need for my Along the Alphabet Path studies and any other letter activities I may want to do for each letter.

Kindergarten curriculum

For letter Dd, I have everything I need for A.A.R. pre-reading ready to go, a Letter D cut and paste activity, flower fairy picture for painting that week, and letter D handwriting practice sheets.

I usually also try to have all prep work completely taken care of before setting up my binder. Anything that needs to be printed, cut, etc. I will do when I am setting up my binder so everything is ready to go when I am ready to teach. The only things I do not cut or paste are things that the kid is supposed to do.

As of right now, I only have up to letter L completely ready to go for now. The closer we get to letter L is when I will finish prepping the rest of the curriculum. The reason I don’t do it all now is that I will most likely get sidetracked and lose focus from starting the curriculum till once we reach letter L that sitting down to get everything ready to go helps me get focused and pumped up to start the second half. I also might want different extras than what I may have originally planned and it allows me to also evaluate where she is.

Any unused materials I didn’t set up yet is kept in a plastic envelope so I don’t lose or mess up any pieces.

Organizing All About Reading

Well, that’s how I organized my All About Reading Pre Reading materials! Kateri is so excited to start learning to read and this method of organizing A.A.R. has been truly a life saver for this busy mama.


Do you have any special ways to organize your homeschool curriculum? Comment below, I love discovering cool new ways to make things easier or simpler when it comes to homeschooling (or anything in life really). Also if you found this post helpful, please share or pin!!

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Happy homeschooling!