Ah, November. It’s finally starting to feel a bit chilly here in Virginia and I am loving it! The traditional Catholic monthly devotion for November is The Holy Souls in Purgatory. Here is how I have set up my liturgical table for the month. 
Liturgical table Catholic Decor

  • On my chalkboard is a flame to represent the purifying fires of purgatory. 

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  • Below the flame is written:

Requeim aeternam dona eis Domine

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them.

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  • I have a list of the family members we have lost posted so we can remember to pray for them this month. 

    @greenefaerie had the awesome idea of filling a jar with the names of deceased relatives. Each evening, have a child pick out a name to pray for and afterward they get a piece of candy from their Halloween stash. What a fun way to also use up Halloween candy!


from @greenefaerie


  • Since All Saints is November 1st, I also have a list of all of our family’s saints. My Litany of Fall Saints is perfect for displaying too! 


  • The Heroic Act of Charity prayer is also posted.

All Saints and All Souls Day printables

Get This Printable Here!!


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Liturgical table Catholic Decor

Flowers are a great addition to the liturgical table. I usually love adding natural elements for decor but wasn’t able to get a chance to pick any up. Here are some great flowers for a November Litrugical Table:

  • Lilies – an attribute of all saints, compassion, purity
  • Palm – symbol of His triumph over sin and death
  • Hyacinth – desire of heaven and peace of mind
  • Ivy – symbol of eternal life and fidelity
  • Mallow – the desire for forgiveness
  • Daffodil – a symbol of death and the flower of the Resurrection
  • Teasel – grief and sorrow
  • Pansy – remembrance and meditation

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If you enjoyed and found this post useful please share and pin it for the future. Next month’s Liturgical table theme will be around the Immaculate Conception and Advent! Be sure to check out my Instagram for more ideas and I would love to hear your ideas for decorating your liturgical area! Please share any ideas/ traditions you do for the month of December and I will feature you on Instagram and in the next posts.