Hello friends! Have you been shopping around for fun, educational activities to do with your kids? Today, I have a subscription service specifically for kids to tell you all about. MyEduCrate to be exact. MyEduCrate review pros and cons

What is MyEduCrate you ask?

All about weather subscription box for kids

MyEduCrate is an award winning monthly subscription that delivers educational themed items to motivate and engage your child’s mind. Each item is hand-selected by a team of teachers and parents, ensuring that children are exposed to diverse opportunities to grow.

  • Each box will have an educational theme that helps to develop a certain skill set
  • Number of items vary depending on the month’s theme
  • For ages 6 to 11
  • Includes: learning challenges, hands on learning material, non-fiction readers, and teacher-selected resources

There are four different options for subscribing, ranging from month-to-month to subscribing for the whole year. Just to give you an idea on cost, it’s 39.95 for one month. You can get more information at their website www.myeducrate.org.


What’s inside MyEduCrate

The box we received was all about weather. Included were 3 weather activities, a book, and a Bamboozlers puzzle. Whats in MyEduCrate

Also placed inside the box was a thank you card (how sweet!) that gives you more information about the products inside. Look at this cute little poem about weather on the back!

MyEduCrate subscription box weather poem

To help get the kids in the mindset of weather, we read some of our new weather book, A Journey Through the Weather by Steve Parker and illustrated by John Haslam.

The book has beautiful illustrations and it did seem to peak my kids’ interest. Daddy, Bradley, and I all took turns reading some of it. The book also came with an educational poster of the seasons.

The first activity was we did was create a tornado in a bottle. The box did include directions, a connector, and a little bag of glitter.

Tornado in a bottle activity included in MyEduCrate

The kids had a blast with this activity but we did come across a couple of minor issues. One of the directions is to watch a clip of the movie Twister that shows a particular scientific thing going on. We had a hard time finding a clip of the suggested activity going on so we ultimately had to omit that step. I think it may have been easier on us if a link to a clip was provided. We will be making a movie night of Twister soon though. Another confusing part was the directions says to have the children compare the small objects and the large objects within this activity. The confusion we had with this was the only objects the experiment included was the small bag of glitter. Because the glitter is all the same size, there wasn’t really anything to compare. What I did like is how this came with vocabulary words and discussion questions. There were a couple discussion questions that were geared towards younger children while others were for the older children, therefore a great activity for multiple ages.

The second activity included is capturing the water cycle in a bag. This too came with directions and all the materials to complete the activity (very convenient I must say). We stuck our water cycle bag on the back door.

MyEduCrate subscription box about weather

My kids love coloring so they were happy with an activity that required coloring. The water cycle in a bag worksheet also had vocabulary words to learn. I will be using these as copywork for Genevieve and Bradley this week.

MyEduCrate subscription box for kids

MyEduCrate also sent this awesome weather station kit from Green Science. Daddy and Bradley were the main ones to do this activity.

The night prior to the doing the activity, we did had a quick trip to the dollar store. Bradley had decided to buy one of those little grow your own flower kits where it comes with seeds and soil. It was perfect timing because we needed that for the weather station project. Lucky us! I am glad Bradley and Daddy had a great time putting this together.

The last thing we received is this cool Bamboozlers puzzle.

Bradley really enjoys puzzles and brain teasers so he thought this was pretty cool. I believe the one we got is the moth ball puzzle and it’s recommended age is for 8+. We did have to look up a YouTube video on how to solve it.

educational subscription box for kids

Overall thoughts about MyEduCrate


  • ready to go with minimal prep
  • great for homeschooler
  • works for multiple ages
  • great quality products


  • directions were a little confusing
  • price; this is $40+ subscription box which can be a bit on the pricey side for frugal homeschooling families

We did enjoy this subscription box. I would say I am most excited by the book. Unfortunately, we don’t ever get a chance to do much hands on science experiments or really any science at all. This would make for a super easy and convenient option in order to get in those fun science activities. MyEduCrate would be a really fun addition for homeschool families. Don’t forget to check them out at www.myeducrate.org.

myeducrate review

I did receive this product in exchange for this review. All opinions stated in this review are completely my own honest opinion.

Are you interested or have you tried MyEduCrate? What about any other educational subscription services? Comment below.