Minimalist Master Bedroom and shared nursery

It has been 3.5 months since I started and went through the Catholic Minimalism Challenge. You can read about the progress I did the first time here. The question now is how did it keep up? Did it stay nice and clean, did things start piling up everywhere, what worked, and what didn’t? When I realized Sterling Jaquith was going to start another Catholic Minimalism Challenge, I decided to go through the house again. This time focusing mainly on finding a home for everything, and give you all a detailed update of the home after minimizing. Today I’m going to share with you the master bedroom/ nursery.Minimalist Master bedroom and shared nursery

First I will say, things did not stay perfectly clean 100% of the time and things did start to pile up here and there. However, it was a lot easier to clear away the clutter and clean. Here is what my bedroom looked like before going through everything again.


Here is what set up looks like when I clean or purge in my bedroom.minimalism update

I like to have a bag for give away close by, a bag to throw all the random stuff that doesn’t belong in the room, and a pile of stuff to put in the attic. Most of all that stuff piled up in my closet was Christmas decorations that still needed to go into the attic.

I even had Bradley give me a hand which was super helpful for tight spaces.IMG_4847

This is everything in my room that we ended letting go of.Minimalism update

One thing I received a lot of questions on was my under the bed storage. I have a extra large storage bag for my extra comforter, one for out of season pregnancy clothing, a suitcase, and a large ziplock bag of mainly newborn cloth diapers.under the bed storage

Any time I sweep my room, which has to be often with all the cats, we do a general quick brush under the bed. One to help with the amount of cat hair and dust, two because the cats like to sneak things under the bed.

Here is my room after getting rid of more stuff, reorganizing, and redecorating!!Minimalist Master Bedroom and Shared Nursery

Minimalist Bedroom, Shared Nursery, Nightstand, and Organization

We added the same kind of bin that we have downstairs to our nightstand. Things like papers, water bottles, lotions, etc. would quickly accumulate on our nightstand, which then the cats would knock whatever down, then things would get lost or broken. It was no bueno so we got the bin to throw everything in which has really improved the issue with the cats. Right now Brian’s bullet journal, coconut oil, lotion, phone charger, and pencils are what’s in the bin. The bottom two cubbies is still where I keep my under garments.

minimalist bedroom organizationMinimalist Bedroom, Curtain for the Closet,

We FINALLY took down the closet doors! We threw those out since they were broken and replaced them we a tension rod and cheap curtains. We still need to paint as you can see in the picture.

Minimalist Bedroom, shared nursery, and office

We bought the huge picture above Ignatius’ dresser from And That! which we got for an awesome deal and I absolutely love it. The little cube bin in between the dresser and desk is for toys that end up in our room. The kids are always leaving toys in our room and we needed to have a designated bin to put them. Brian built me the shelves above the computer for me to be able to have a couple decorative items. Right now we have a statue of the Holy Family and a subscription box I need to write a review of. I plan on getting a couple of pieces to add to the shelves along with a couple pictures of our wedding. We will be getting rid of the computer in a couple months and replace it with a laptop. I’m excited to minimize our office area slightly more once we do.Minimalist Bedroom and shared nursery

I cant help but laugh every time I take a picture of this wall, that random paint spot is so bad. I actually don’t notice it until I look at a picture of it. Anywho, onto the other side of the bedroom.Processed with VSCO with av4 preset

My Godmother very generously gifted all my children with new bedding and we bought this blanket for Ignatius’ bed to match one that my Godmama bought for Bradley. She got us the fox pillow. It’s perfect for my little fox. Behind the crib is our baby entertainer, we don’t have much storage for all the baby gear so we’re storing here.

final2Minimalist Master Bedroom and Shared Nursery

Things did start to pile up and the room did get a bit messy, but I will say it’s so much easier to get everything back in order and it’s a lot easier to get rid of more stuff now. I am hopeful to be going through my home again. I feel like I have a better idea of what I can let go of and figure out what will make for a better home for the things I have. Although I did make some additions to my room, I feel like I had a more clear vision of what I wanted and I’m able to make more intentional purchases. Overall I love how my room has come along. It has taken years for me to feel peace and joy in my room.

If you haven’t read them before, you can check out my whole series on my minimalist adventure with the Catholic Minimalism Challenge here.

Have you been through a major purge, if so how was maintaining a minimalist lifestyle worked out for?