stay at home mom wardrobe

Before I begin let me be real honest, I would usually wear joggers and a dirty oversized t-shirt every day unless I am going out. If I had to leave my house, I would put on a clean decent outfit but as soon as I got home it was straight back to joggers and a T-shirt. With that said I have been thinking a lot about self-care and how I really need to improve in this area. One way I am going to try to improve on my self-care is actually getting dressed for the day even if I don’t go out. I know this is a pretty adulting thing for me to do. So I am creating a stay at home mom wardrobe. 

stay at home wardrobe

I decided to improve on my self-care and to ditch the frumpy dirty baggy clothes for a couple of reasons:

  • If I get better dressed for the day, I notice that I feel more ready and motivated to tackle the day’s tasks.
  • I want to set an example of self-worth to my children. I am a daughter of God and I should present myself as one! 
  • It shows good stewardship of the body God has given me.
  • Simply, I want to feel better about myself and pretty.  


Being a stay at home mom is part of my vocation. I would not dress the way I do to a job if I worked. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to start wearing heels and fancy blouses all day either, it’s not the 50’s anymore. BTW: how did women back then look so beautiful, dinner on the table by 5pm, with 5+ kids also well mannered and dressed?! My outfits MUST be practical, breastfeeding friendly, comfortable, and easy to pick out. This is why I am a huge advocate for minimalist capsule wardrobes. 


Having a minimalist capsule wardrobe has been a total life changer for me. It has helped eliminate the stress of figuring out what to wear and be more intentional with the clothing I buy. Thankfully I have already been building my capsule wardrobe and it’s almost complete. 

Here are some samples of my fashion vision board (is it weird that I have one?):

minimalist sahm outfit

***none of the photos above belong to me

A little interesting fact about my fashion – For about 10 years, I use to only wear skirts and just started wearing pants a bit more within the past 2 years. 

Another thing I am adding to my daily look is a little bit of makeup. I won’t be putting on my full face but my top three musts are eyebrows, eyeliner, and a bit of contour. 

sahm makeup

Here is a picture of how I would look on a normal day (possibly the same shirt and pants two days in a row) and a picture of how I adulting now.



Now I feel I can comfortably and confidently tackle homeschooling and keep the tiny humans alive!

Do you have a stay at home wardrobe/ uniform? Is this something that you would be interested in? Stay tuned to hear more about my capsule wardrobe and how I organize my husband and my closet.