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First let me start by saying I am a HUGE fan of Joanna Gaines, I mean who isn’t?! She is one of my idols. I love her fashion style and of course her home designs. One of my dream vacations would to visit Waco Texas and see the Magnolia empire. I love online window shopping at the Magnolia store but those prices! Today I am sharing with you 15 of the awesome look-a-like items you can find at the Magnolia shop for A LOT cheaper. 

Magnolia look a likes

***Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you!

Murphy Wall Clock


Murphy Wall Clock – Magnolia

The Murphy Wall Clock from Magnolia is a large classic clock priced at $162. You can purchase this Quartz black wall clock which is very similar just slightly smaller available at Amazon for $20.95.

Morse Code Sign


Morse Code Sign – Magnolia


This super neat Morse Code sign is $165 on Magnolia’s website but you can find a similar tapestry one at Hobby Lobby for only $19.99 or a large framed one at Amazon for $53.99.

Multiplication Chart


Multiplication Chart – Magnolia

This Multiplication Chart would be an awesome addition (pun totally intended) to any homeschool room or kid space. You can get this chart at Magnolia for $165. I found this similar multiplication chart for only $30 from the Etsy shop HoneyLimeCo.


Multiplication Chart – HoneyLimeCo

Writing Chart



Writing Chart – Magnolia

Another educational wall decor to add to a play or homeschool room is this writing chart. Magnolia’s Writing Chart is $165. HoneyLimeCo also has a nice writing chart for only $30.


Writing Chart – HoneyLimeCO


Gorman Mirror


Gorman Mirror – Magnolia

I love the look and style of this mirror! This style mirror is actually on my bathroom renovation list. On the Magnolia shop, this mirror goes for $110 but if that is out of your budget, you can find two similar ones at Target. Threshold brand’s Pharmacy Mirror goes for $69.99 and if you really want a piece of Magnolia, there is a Hearth & Hand mirror with shelf for $59.99.


Laundry Co. Sign

black wall sign that reads "Laundry Co. Wash, dry and fold"

This is an adorable vintage-looking laundry sign from Magnolia for $72. You can find a very similar one for $40.48 on Amazon!!

“Cups for Days” Rack


“Cup for Days” – Magnolia

I love the title of this cup rack!! This nifty cup rack is $98 on Magnolia or you can get a similar one from Amazon for only $69.95.

Natural Seagrass Basket


Natural Seagrass Basket Tote – Magnolia

These adorable seagrass basket totes come in sizes small for $40 or large for $50. I love storage like these for toys like in the picture. I found this medium-sized seagrass basket on Amazon for only $22.89!! These also look great for large potted plants.


Seagrass Basket – Amazon

Lana Woven Basket


Lana Woven Basket – Magnolia

Can you really have enough baskets? These versatile storage baskets from Magnolia range from $38 – $46. Amazon has this large woven jute basket for $25.99.


Archer Bronze Candlestick Holders


Archer Bronze Candlestick Holder – Magnolia

Aren’t these cute!! These candlestick holders range from $16 – $32 depending on the size at Magnolia or you can get similar ones from Amazon. There is a wrought iron set for $14.99 or this black flower candlestick holder for $6.95.

Carlotta Metal Taper Holder


Carlotta Metal Tapper Holder – Magnolia

These timeless taper candle holders range from $18 – $24 each depending on the size at Magnolia. Amazon had a couple of very similar items such as a set of brown decorative candleholders for $22.99 or 2pk of black metal taper holders for $25.99.

Zia Earrings


Zia Earrings – Magnolia

These earrings are absolutely stunning! Definitely on my wishlist of accessories … hint-hint hubby. Theses lovely leather earrings are priced at $28 on Magnolia and are fair trade. You can buy an almost identical set of leather leaf-shaped earrings on Amazon for $9.99 but it is not fair trade like the ones on Magnolia.


Leather Earrings – Amazon


Teak Measuring Spoons


Teak Measuring Spoons – Magnolia

I love these teak wooden measuring spoons. These are sure to be a lovely addition that will bring natural texture to the kitchen. The Magnolia shop sells these for $26. If these are out of your budget, check out these wooden measuring spoons for $7.19 on Amazon.


Wooden Measuring Spoons – Amazon


Table Kitchen Scale


Magnolia Table Scale – Magnolia

This very practical kitchen scale is $49 on the Magnolia shop. This kitchen scale from Amazon goes for only $18.41, although the Magnolia table scale comes in a very beautiful pink color.


Me & My House Sign


Me & My House Sign – Magnolia

Joshua 24:15 is an excerpt from the bible that I personally feel should be a necessity in any Christain home. There is an “As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord” sign sold in the Magnolia shop for $125. Hobby Lobby also has this Joshua 24:15 sign (along with many other variations) in almost the exact same dimensions for only $34.99. You may even get it for even cheaper since Hobby Lobby frequently has awesome deals on wall decor.


Joshua 24:15 Sign – Hobby Lobby

If you are a fan of farmhouse style decor, you may like my Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Saint Quote Prints.

saint kitchen

Once again, I just adore Joanna Gaines. There are so many items from the Magnolia shop that I dream of obtaining. I am thankful for their more affordable line, Home and Hearth, at Target. To be totally honest, my husband would probably argue that I peruse the Home and Hearth aisle a little too frequently. I hope for those who equally admire Joanna Gaine’s Magnolia products find this helpful to possibly find knockoff products that are more affordable. 

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Magnolia look a likes