It has been a few weeks since we left off at Letter F but I am back with this week’s Along the Alphabet Path studies which is all about letter G! If you are unaware of what the Along the Alphabet Path is go to THIS post to read all about it. 

Letter G is for Gorse Fairy and Saint George

Along the alphabet path, Catholic letter of the week

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As usual, we started off with reading the Along the Alphabet Path story and oral narration. After reading the Alphabet Path story, we listened to the Alphabet Fairy music while the kids painted their Gorse fairy pictures. You can get the Flower Fairies Alphabet coloring book on Amazon or you may have some luck Googling the Gorse fairy image. I highly recommend printing on cardstock if you plan on painting them so the paper doesn’t get too soggy.

We also learned a couple of facts using my flower facts card about gorse flowers. 

Along the Alphabet Path




The week’s featured saint is Saint George! We said a prayer to Saint George and kept his prayer card out so we could see it throughout the week. Then they colored a cool stained-glass picture of Saint George. You can get the coloring page we used here. Unfortunately due to covering from illnesses, I didn’t take any photos. 


Both the Saint George prayer cards and Gorse Flower Fact cards are available to download for free.

Along the Alphabet Path printables


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The read alouds for letter G:

Along the Alphabet Path

Green Eggs and Ham

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Grasshopper on the Road

Saint George and the Dragon

Gianna Beretta Molla

Grumpy Goat

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Glorious Fight

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Graphic Novel

We Are the Gardeners

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Loyola Book of Saints:
-Blessed Fra Angelico
-Blessed Frederic Ozanman
– St. Francis of Assisi
-St. Frances of Rome

A Catholic Child’s Book of Illustrated Saints:
-St. George
-St. Maria Goretti
-St. Gerard
-St. Gertrude the Great

Children’s Book of Virtues:
–  Saint George and the Dragon
–  God make my life a little light
– George Washington and the Cherry tree

Children book of Heroes:
– David and Goliath

Children’s Book of Home and Family
– The Golden Windows
– The Golden Touch
– Grandmother’s Table

Children’s Book of Faith:
My Gift
-What God Hath Promised


The author for letter G: Paul Galdone


Paul Galdone is a beloved children’s illustrator. He has illustrated hundreds of books that are timeless children’s favorites. You can read a short autobiography on his website HERE.

Along the alphabet path, Catholic letter of the week


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