Last week we started our Along the Alphabet Path studies with letter A where we met Michael, Mrs. Applebee, the Apple Blossom fairy, and Saint Anne. The girls had a blast with last week’s activities and were eager to continue with letter B! If you are new you can read all about the Along the Alphabet Path HERE. 

Letter B is for Bugle Fairy and Saint Bernadette


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Once again we started with reading the next story of Along the Alphabet Path. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the girls have been retaining this year. In the past, they were never as interested in the story and never really seemed to remember much. Now they really enjoy listening to the story.

along the alphabet path letter b

After reading A Brave Sentinel: A Letter B Story of the Along the Alphabet Path, the girls painted their Bugle fairy pictures. While they were painting I brewed us some blueberry tea to try and listened to the letter learning songs from the Good and the Beautiful and the Bugle fairy song from the Alphabet Fairy album.

BTW: The girls are not a fan of the blueberry tea.

The next day we read about Saint Bernadette in our special red book An Alphabet of Catholic Saints. They colored a picture of Saint Bernadette that I got from the Catholic Playground. They also watched a short video of Saint Bernadette from the Stories of Saints afterward.

 Along the Alphabet Path letter B

Books for Letter B

along the alphabet path letter b

B is for Baby – I loved the illustrations for this and Ignatius loved looking at the baby

Author for Letter B: Margret Wise Brown

Margret Wise Brown is one of our families favorite children book authors. You can read more about her biography if you are interested in more of an author study here. Here are the books we read of hers:

along the alphabet path letter b

My kids drew pictures from Margret Wise Brown’s book The Dead Bird. My kids are oddly morbid.

Another great author for letter B is Jan Brett.
The Bugle fairy has always been one of our favorites because the song is so catchy. Next week we meet the Columbine Fairy and Saint Cecilia!
The Bugle flower fact card and Saint Bernadette prayer cards are available for FREE!!
bugle flower and saint Bernadette