LENT 2017

We are now into Lent! To celebrate and teach Lent to my children I decided to make a Lent Board this year. It has a list of all our sacrifices, prayers, and almsgiving ideas. All I used was a display board from the dollar store and free printables I found online. Here is a peek at our Lent Board…

IMG_5229 (Edited)

The left side has a sacrifice and alms list that I printed and laminated. I laminated these so I can use dry erase markers to easily erase or add to it. My children (mainly Bradley, the others followed) have decided to give up Minecraft/ Youtube. I was pleasantly surprised when Bradley came up to me and told me he wanted to give up his favorite game. It was definitely a proud mommy moment. In the middle section, I have a Lenten Calendar, a quote from St. Therese, a page for the daily prayer, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy Prayer. The prayer page has a prayer I took from Bringing Lent Home. I will say the daily prayer in the morning with the kids.  On the right side, I printed the Sorrowful Mystery cards from the Happy Saints Rosary Ebook and the stations of the cross.

I made a crown of thorns using a small grapevine wreath and tooth picks to help encourage the kids to do more sacrifices during Lent. There is a small mason jar for the kids to place their tooth picks in. I printed the sacrifice label from Catholic Icing.


We are also reading Bringing Lent Home with St. Therese of Lisieux by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. This is a perfect book for our family because it offers short daily reflections that is doable for us. We read from the book in the evening after dinner so Daddy can be us. Afterwards we pray one decade from the sorrowful mysteries. My children do NOT have the attention span for much more than that.41lbm5D2MBL

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I have included links to all the website I got all my resources in making my Lent Board. I would love to hear what you all might have planned/ do with your little one for Lent, so please comment. Happy Lent!