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Lent is almost here! Today I have a whole list of Lenten activities you can do as a family that I am going to share with you.


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Meatless Friday Cooking with the Kids: Try new meatless meals during Lent and let the kids help you! I admit, I quickly lose my patience when I let my kids help me but if you let them help, despite how frustrating it can be, it can be a great sacrifice to offer up, especially during Lent. I plan on letting the kids help me with prepare our Friday meatless dinners. You can check out my Pinterest board of Meals for Lent for possible dinner ideas and see what we will be trying.

Lent Board: Make a Lent board to help you along your Lenten journey. You can get a tri-fold board from the dollar store, decorate it with Lenten symbols, add prayers, and so on. Having it on a tri-fold board also makes this great for when you are limited on space. Check out my blog post on more information.

Lent Board

Lent board from 2016

Crown of Thorns & sacrifice jar: Make a crown of thorns and every time a child makes a sacrifice they get to pull a thorn out of Jesus’ crown. It’s a precious idea that even the littlest family member can enjoy doing. You can make a crown of thorns out of salt dough and toothpicks or you could use a small grapevine wreath and add toothpicks to that. Here are a couple recipes I’ve found for making it yourself RECIPE 1 and RECIPE 2. I also have a free printable card to use for a sacrifice jar available.

Lenten Calendar: Keep a Lenten Calendar up to give your children a visual way of keeping track of Lent and countdown to Easter. I have a predated Lenten Calendar in full color available for FREE that you that you can download.

2019 Lenten Calendar


Stations of the Cross for kids: A lot of parishes offer a children’s station of the cross during Lent. I highly recommend looking into this if available. If not, here are a couple of books that are great for kids.


Books: Read some books to help you really dig deep this Lenten season. Nothing like the power of a good book that really speaks to your soul and gets the brain pondering. I have provided a list of options for the whole family.

book for lent


Prayers: Look up Lenten prayers to say as a family. Try praying the rosary every day with your children. I know this can be difficult with young kids but I suggest you give it a try. Pray only one decade a day, taking the whole week to complete one mystery. There are many great tips to make it interactive for little ones on Pinterest. Happy Saints has a wonderful ebook of the Rosary that is beautifully illustrated. I do have a printable of some Lent prayer as well.



40 Bags in 40 Days: Declutter and rid your life of excessive worldly possessions to allow yourself to be able to focus more on the priorities in your life, mainly Jesus. This is a great website to help you get started and I also recommend Catholic Minimalism by Sterling Jaquith


Other resources:

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