As of now, I have two school aged kids: Beaver who is second grade and Raccoon who is kindergarten. Baby Fox needs slightly more attention compared to the what others did, which makes our homeschooling a bit more adventurous.


I am consistently reminding myself I will not be able to get to everything (school wise) and that’s okay. I need to be at peace with what my reality is and my reality at this current season of life is we might not be able to get to the art, music, or even subjects like history/ science. I need to prioritize to the basics. For Beaver, our priorities are math, religion, English, and read, read, read. My focus with Raccoon is on mainly math, handwriting, reading instruction, religion, as well as a lot of reading aloud. I’m not always consistent with getting to her studies so school with Raccoon is mainly just read aloud. One of my favorite books I read aloud to Raccoon is the old edition of What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know. We also read a lot from the Catholic Treasure Box series. So over all, our school load is very minimal right now. Things like the art, music, history, etc. are very informal read aloud at this point.


Our schedule as whole has been more relaxed. Before I had the baby, I would try to have most of our studies done before lunch time. Now, it’s whenever I feel I have enough energy for or when I think baby Fox will be content long enough for me to get in a few minutes with a kid. Beaver will do his math before lunch but the majority of school work is done after lunch when Deer and Fox are taking a nap. I am still trying my best to figure out a smoother routine with more regularity but so far it has been one big trial and error process. I have been battling burnout lately so this is the best I can do at the moment. One of the many obstacles but blessings of this crazy awesome adventure 🙂 . It is a successful day in book if I get at least one thing done with one kid.

We are currently renovating our kitchen, that’s why the floor looks horrible.

You can read about how I plan out our studies here.