At some point during the summer, I go through what I call a homeschool nesting phase. Not only do I obsess over homeschool planning but I also do a deep clean and reorganize my whole homeschool room. This year I rearranged my entire homeschool room which was actually a spur of the moment decision and I did this all in one morning with the help of my kids. I rearrange so much that this was a pleasant surprise to my husband that the kids and I did all the brunt work without him. 


Here is what the classroom looked like before:



And here is how we set it up this year:

Farmhouse homeschool roomIMG_2375

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First, let me show you around what I call the “littles’ side”.

As you can see from the photos, I moved our love seat to the right side of the room, added a coffee table, and this rustic/ industrial shelving unit. This side of the room is meant to be the play space for my current 3-year-old and 1.5-year-old or whoever is not currently doing schoolwork.


This shelving unit is where I plan on storing all of our special toys that I keep downstairs in the classroom to keep the little ones busy. The toys I like to keep down here are educational, Montessori/ Waldorf inspired type of toys.

Some of my toddler’s favorite toys so far are:



This little corner is where we keep an antique school desk that we found very cheaply through Facebook Marketplace. Roman especially likes to play here and both little boys love storing things inside the desk. The vintage alphabet wall hanging above it was from Hobby Lobby. It’s a little too big for this area so I will be moving it soon.


The couch is one of our favorite places to read. Cuddling up with the kids on a comfy couch and reading a good book just give my homeschooling heart the warm fuzzies!! 

When it’s time for us to do our homeschool studies, the rule is even if you are not actively working on something you have to stay in the homeschool room. So when the kids are waiting for me to give them the next assignment or they’re waiting for my help, they will do puzzles, play cards or a game, draw, etc. over here too.

I can see us schooling a lot over here when baby “P” comes because of having to nurse or hold the baby during lessons.


Next to the couch is where I keep our two filing bins. One is important documents and the other is my homeschool bin.

The homeschool bin stores mainly keepsake homeschool items such as:
-the kids’ past school papers
-some educational resources like seasonal religious printables, random math printables, and some tot school printables
-kids’ art work

Now the “school side”


Since Bradley can work independently 90%, he does a lot of his school work in the dining room, which is right up the stairs of the homeschool room, where it’s less distracting. The table down here is mainly where girls do their schoolwork. I personally love doing school at a big table like a dining table.


These carts are fairly new this year and I LOVE them!!! I have sorta gotten a little cart obsessed lately and want one for everything.

The cart on the left is the girls’ cart. The top shelf houses Genevieve’s books along with a lot the books that I am reading aloud to all the girls. The middle shelf is Kateri’s and the bottom shelf is Avila’s.

The middle greenish-grey cart is Bradley’s. Since he has a lot more books he has to get through this year, he needed his own cart. He can easily move this around the house which is nice since he doesn’t always school down in the homeschool room with us.

The cart on the right top shelf is where I keep some of the teacher manuals I may need for the year (or at least the current term), my teacher planning binder, or any other things that I may more be using. The middle shelf is where I keep our portable DVD player and educational DVDs or CDs. We recently got the portable DVD player which has turned out to be super useful! One of my most convenient homeschool items by far. To be completely honest, the bottom shelf has turned into a throw all junk shelf.


Homeschool room organizationIMG_2380

On the other side is where my bookshelves and cubbies are kept.

The cubbies are where I keep the printer and pencil sharpener. Extra school supplies like notebooks, folders, paper, pencil pouches, and craft supplies are kept into the bins.


The left bookshelf is mainly where I keep the curriculum that I am not currently using. I have a shelf for character building and virtue books. There is also a shelf of nature, art, and homeschool cultural book. The very bottom shelf has a bin of my craft stuff and a bin of toddler busy items such as stickers, stamps, and dot markers.


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So that is our current setup of the homeschool room. I still have a few things left on my homeschool room wishlist. I hope to add a rug down here before baby “P” comes to help how frigid it feels in the winter, but overall I’m happy with how things are set up

my homeschool wishlist:
more bins for organization
throw pillows
comfy throw blanket
refinish the table and chairs
more books
full-size couch
some more decorations to put up


So that concludes my homeschool room tour. Even though we have a separate homeschool room, it is not unusual for us to have serval learning spaces throughout our home. The most important thing when it comes to setting up a homeschool room/ learning space is creating an atmosphere that encourages education no matter what your living spaces are like. 

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Do you have a homeschool room, what are you must-haves or favorites things for a homeschool room? If you liked this post don’t forget to Pin it!


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