It is August and our school year has officially started. WOOHOO! Today I am going to share with you my homeschool bujo [bullet journal]. I have spent the past month in homeschool nesting mode. Consumed with cleaning, organizing, cracking down on routines, and lesson planning. Lesson planning is the ultimate brain ninja (in both a good & bad way). Not only is figuring what to teach the kids a difficult task but figuring out the actual planner is also often daunting. I plan out our studies using the bullet journal style. Checklist and planning as you go are better for me personally. I have a hard time keeping up with daily lesson plans where everything is detailed and planned out every day for the whole year. Planning out only about a month at a time leaves me with a lot of room for the trials and errors of homeschooling.

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This year I am using a Northbooks dot grid journal. It is the same one I also use for my main bullet journal. I LOVE these notebooks! I’ve used other brand journals like Moleskin but I really like these the best so far. I got these for an awesome price on Amazon. Here is what’s inside my homeschool bujo…
I have a couple pages for future events. This is where I log any school-related events (co-ops, field trips, homeschool parties, deadlines, etc.), holidays or feast days that are scheduled for the year.
My school year at a glance is for my own reference of when/ how much school needs to be done. I like the visual aspect of having a year at a glance like this. I printed this out from
Following my school year at a glance, I have my children’s weekly overviews. I don’t necessarily follow what it is written. Their weekly overview is more of a generic how a week is to look like and visual of how to make sure I can fit everything in.
I have our daily routine written out as well. Admittedly we have a very hard time following our routine. This is schedule is my goal routine and am trying to be disciplined with executing it out. The next page is where I keep all my login/password info to anything school related we use. Very useful for someone who is always getting the forgetful case of mommy brain such as myself 😉
Here is my monthly overview. I have a section for events, monthly to do’s, notes, and notes for our P.A.C.E. program. This month we are working on SELF DISCIPLINE (good time to really practice on our routine).
At the beginning of every month, I plan on including a reading log of all the books we have read along with a page for what my plans for that month’s Morning Time are.
This my weekly page spread. I will prewrite 3 weeks worth of this out at a time. This might change in the future. I am trying out this layout to start out with. Beaver and Raccoon have a section of their own daily checklist. I also have a checklist for things we need to do as a family like morning time, history, and nature study. Nothing on my weekly spread is specifically planned out. I have a master checklist for every subject and book that is planned out for each child that I check off at the end of each week. Like previously stated, this is most likely going to change throughout the year. That is the thing I love about planning out our homeschool bullet journal style. I can easily tweak things as I go.
I hope you enjoyed peeking into how/ what my homeschool bujo looks like. You can see more pics of my bullet journals on my Instagram. Also, check out what my homeschool bujo from last year used to look like here. If you have a homeschool bullet journal I’d love to hear your take on it and don’t hesitate to any questions you may have on mine. Happy homeschool planning 🙂

Check out my current homeschool bullet journal!