We’re happy to announce baby Roman was born Saturday, January 26th at 8:20pm and I’m thrilled to share with you our birth story:homebirth of roman2


Since I was due on the 29th I knew I was most likely going to be giving birth sometime this weekend. So Saturday morning I did “fix” myself up. I took a shower and put on makeup. I figured if I wasn’t going to have the baby at least I would be doing something that makes me feel good. I even took a photo! This was taken at 2:10pm


39w4d; last preggo pic!

At this point, I was not feeling much of anything but an occasional cramp here and there. I had no indication that the baby would be coming anytime soon. At 5:48 I had a strong sensation that I thought maybe was a contraction. So I let my husband know and that is when he started to note what he could. At this point, I was unable to fully tell if what I was feeling was indeed contractions or just Braxton Hicks so I just continued to do some light housekeeping.


6:30PM; after taking a bath, still unsure if I was in labor

At 6:20, I was still feeling these stronger sensations every 5-7 minutes and decided to take a bath. While I was in the bath, my contractions seemed to minimize and space further out which made me more questionable on whether or not I was really in labor. By 7pm I definitely felt like I was having real contractions. My contractions were typically lasting about a minute long and still only coming anywhere between 5-10 minutes apart.


Taken at 7:00pm when I finally felt like “This is it! I’m in labor!”

Shortly after a while, we were able to get hold of our midwife at 7:50pm. Contractions were definitely intense in the peak of them but nothing too terrible. Both Brian and I figured we had at least an hour to go. While waiting on the midwife, I found myself comfortable laboring on the toilet. My contractions were still only 5-10 minutes apart but my contractions weren’t as intense and on were only lasting for 30- 45 seconds or so. They felt more cramp like than contractions even. All of a sudden at 8:18, while sitting on the toilet, I could feel the baby descending down. Thankfully my husband was hanging out with me in the bathroom. I tell my husband “QUICK! Grab the towel the baby is coming!” and as if on cue right then my water breaks. I stand up and daddy helps catch the baby! Roman Titus was born at 8:18pm, on Saint Titus’ feast day!!! 


8:20pm; baby born at 8:18


Honestly, it was an amazing delivery. Right afterward Brian helped me to bed. Our midwife was right down the road and was able to get to us within a few minutes of the baby being born. Thankfully everything was perfect. Baby was completely healthy and I was doing great.


My kids were hoping to have seen the birth but they all happened to be in the living room when Roman made his appearance. Genevieve was the most disappointed. The midwife did show them the placenta which they thought looked pretty cool.

After an hour of skin to skin, Roman was weighed and to our surprise is only 7#2 and is 21 ¼ inches long.

So that is how our unintentional unassisted homebirth with baby Roman Titus went.


4 days old!