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We are so proud to announce that our second oldest, Genevieve, has just celebrated her first Sacrament of Reconciliation this past Wednesday, March 20th!!! She worked really hard on memorizing everything and did an awesome job.


g confession


I love seeing that Holy Spirit glow children have once they leave the confessional. It just melts my Catholic mama heart. We really try to make a big deal out of our kids receiving their first penance so afterward, we celebrated with some ice cream! I also made a certificate for her so she has a little keepsake of this joyous day.

g confession 2

Another cool thing about March 20th it’s also her baptism day!! How cool that the first time she gets her actual sins taken away was also the same day she had her original sin washed away! Overall we are just truly blessed.

Comment below with some ways you celebrate your children’s first penance.

Be sure to check out my Confession Guide for Kids. You can also download the First Confession Certificate below.

1st confession certificate3

>>>First Confession Certificate<<<