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I have something really cool I’ve been working on for a while and I am soo eager to show y’all!! This is something that I feel very passionate about but first let me ask you, how do you feel about going to Confession?pin

I have always been very drawn to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Ever since I was a little girl to even in my wild teen years when I had nothing to do with my Catholic faith and very rebellious. I remember being with a friend of mine, getting into some things that were inappropriate for a 15 year old, when I found out that Pope John Paul II had passed away and I am not sure why but I felt so compelled to go to confession at that very moment that I had my friend’s parent take me straight to the nearby Catholic church.


Having a love and utmost respect of the Sacrament of reconciliation is something that I believe I got from how my mom treated it. My mother would talk about confession like it was a completely normal thing and how it is an amazing gift that God has given us. She also made sure we know to be 100% honest and take it very seriously. I hope to instill a desire for the sacrament on to my children as well.

Some of the things I do teach my children about confession is by being an example. We take them with us when we go to confession and talk about what it is, why we go, and how awesome it is for us.

Confession for young Catholics

As of right now, Bradley is my only kid able to receive the sacrament but we encourage all my children to do an examination of conscience every night. For my toddler, I might say, “Do you think you were a good girl/boy all day? Did you do what mommy and daddy asked?” and for my older kids it looks along the lines like, “So, what do you think you could have done better on today?”. Then I encourage them to pray to God for help in improving those things. I don’t make my older kids say out loud anything specific, I tell them to do it on their own before they sleep. I believe this helps get them in the mindset of confession and I personally think everyone should end their day with a good examination of conscience.

For those who are nervous about going to confession, the more often you go the less nerve-wracking it is. The longer we’ve gone without going to confession, I’ve noticed Bradley has gotten a little more anxious about it. We try to go to confession often and shoot for at least once a month.

I myself find it helpful to read those guides for confession that the church usually has available in the narthex. I believe young beginners going to confession, like Bradley, could really benefit from a confession guide as well. I don’t know about the churches near you but I have had the hardest time finding a kid-friendly confession guides. I usually only see ones for adults and I don’t feel comfortable with my 8-year-old reading a guide that asks “Did you participate in abortion” or “Have you looked at pornography”. That is why I have decided to create my own Confession Guide for Kids.

Sacrament of Reconciliation for KidsConfession for Childrenconfession for kids

It is a tri-fold brochure style, colorful, and easy to read guide for young Catholics. It includes an examination of conscience for children, a step by step guide, the act of contrition, and a quote about confession.

Bradley said this after his first use, “It helped me to tell my sins and what to do. I like using it.”

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Confession Guide for Kids