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Hello everyone! If you haven’t already done so, you can read more about the challenge I am participating in, at my previous post here. This is the first week of my Catholic Minimalism Challenge and we start off with the Master Bedroom. I am so glad to start with the bedroom because this is the room I put off the most. I am constantly cleaning and reorganizing all the other rooms in the house but my poor bedroom is always put on the back burner. The master bedroom, in my house, is also a shared nursery. It’s a mastursery (master bedroom + nursery). With that said, Ignatius’ stuff is in our room too. Our closet was the biggest thing we worked on this week. The closet and actually finding a home for EVERYTHING. Going through and making sure I have a designated place for absolutely everything was something I have never really done. Honestly, I usually throw what doesn’t belong in a bag and that bag is thrown in the corner for the next few months. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of before pictures but I will show how everything is organized now. First let me show you my closet… I was able to remember to take before pictures of my closet though.



We had just poured out all the clean laundry on to our bed, so I felt this would have been the perfect opportunity to just go through everything. Not all of the clothes on the bed is my husband and mine’s. After going through our clothes, we managed to get rid of three large thrash bags! WOO-HOO!! Here is what our closet looks like after purging and reorganizing.


Not too bad, eh. After getting rid of so much stuff and reorganizing things better, we were able to get rid of a lot of the bins that were on the shelf. Now it looks so empty! Some of the things we got rid of were ties, sheets, random junk (like a bag of random toys), and a bunch of decorations. What’s left on the shelf is a box of Ignatius’ keepsake stuff, a box of hubby and my keepsakes, a box for our accessories (2 neckties, 2 scarfs, and one winter hat), a storage bin of important documents, and a bin with extra linens (2 extra pillow cases, one flat sheet, and one extra fitted sheet).
We do not have a dresser for our clothes. We haven’t used a dresser for about a year and a half now which has been so liberating! It majorly helps with space, especially since we do have to share our room with a baby and we keep our desktop computer in here. What we do use, are the cheap three drawer plastic bins to hold our bottoms, undies, and pajamas. The bins fit perfectly within the sides of our closet. Behind my three drawer bin, on the right side, is a large storage container of Ignatius’ current size of boy clothes and a box of outworn baby clothes that need to go into the attic. Here’s a closer look in our bins.

My underwear is kept next to the bed’s nightstand in the two bottom cubes. The left is bras, undies, and socks. The cube on the right contains undershirts and leggings.


Here is my husband’s side.


As you can tell, we try to keep our clothes to a minimum. Both of us have try to implement a capsule wardrobe, which is super helpful if you are trying to keep your clothing to a small amount.

Even though we do co-sleep, I still like having a baby bed of some sort for the baby to sleep in for naps or for times I can’t leave him alone in my bed. For the first four kids, we would just use a pack n play but just recently we decided to move the actual crib (it was being used as a toddler bed) from the girls room into our room. Since the crib matches our bed frame, it turned out to be a lovely addition to our room. Here is what our what our room looks like as a whole.

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I love the all white blankets. I personally think it’s much easier to clean and it gives off a relaxing, stress free feel. I am NOT a minimalist when it comes to pillows. I have a lot of pillows on my bed and I pretty much use every single one. Almost all the furniture we have in our bedroom is from IKEA. Under the bed, we store our extra blanket, maternity and out of season clothes, and a suitcase.

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The closet doors need to be fixed. That is why one of them is leaned up against the wall. One of the many to do’s in our home.

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The big patch of random paint on the wall is when we were testing paint out. It was suppose to be a light grey but for some reason it comes out blue on our walls.

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The bag by the chair and box on the desk are the items I am trying to sell. If nobody buys them by the weekend I plan on donating them at our local Saint Vincent’s.
The grey dresser is for Ignatius’ clothes. As you can see, the scribbles on the wall is why we need to paint. I did go through his drawers as well. There wasn’t much in his them already so there was only a few things I weeded out. Here’s a list of what’s inside the baby’s dresser.

Top drawers (left to right): 1. diapers and wipes (we use disposable diapers for night time) 2. socks 3. receiving blankets
Mid drawers: 4.onesies and shirts  5.sleepers
Mid drawers: 6. pants   7.empty
Bottom drawers: 8.empty blanket
Well that’s it for this week. There are still some things that need to be done: I would like to paint soon, we need to fix the closet door, I want to get some pictures on the wall, and I would like to do something about the computer but overall, I am so relieved to have my bedroom finally situated. For the first time, I can lay down at the end of the day and feel unburdened by the stuff everywhere that didn’t belong or disorganized clutter. It is now very relaxing and calming, how a bedroom should feel.