Uh-oh! I totally forgot to post the boys room when I posted the girls room! Well here is part two of the kids room. As of now, Bradley is the only one in this room. Ignatius is still in our room but will eventually be sharing a room with Bradley. The “boys room” is the smallest room in our home. Unlike the girls’ room, the boy’s room is not as bad in terms of extreme messiness. Here are the before pictures. Sorry they aren’t better quality.

As you can see, his room was pretty messy with mainly clothes all over the place. The closet was being used to store a lot of random junk too. The biggest thing we did during this challenge with Bradley’s room is go through and minimized the amount of clothes that were in here and go through his closet. I did involve him as well and really tried to get him to think about what he wants, really needs, and make the decisions. He decided to get rid of a lot of miscellaneous items that were in his room like a couple books, one of the wall signs that was hanging up, and a few toys that were in there. The only thing he wanted to get rid of but I don’t (so therefore it stays) is the chair. Daddy and I actually do use the chair often when we do our bedtime reading and prayers.
Here is Bradley’s room afterwards.
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Bradley is very creative and is always drawing, so we put up a some twine and clothespins so he can display his art work. This has been super helpful with keeping the paper clutter that would quickly pile up on his nightstand away.
 We have had these cheap 8 cube shelf for years now and this is a frequent piece of furniture that I am always contemplating on getting rid of. It’s now being used as Bradley’s nightstand. I feel it looks and fits nicely here but can not stand that half of the shelves are not really being used. I am still debating on whether or not we keep it or get rid of and put something else in his room. The two stripped green bins were from the girls room and are now being used as a place where he can put toys or whatever else he wants in.


One thing Bradley really wanted was to put up his shadow box my father handcrafted. It’s a keepsake of Bradley’s baptismal items. It is absolutely stunning and it makes me feel so proud that Bradley cherishes his baptism keepsake. We put this up right above the plastic drawers that holds his underwear, pants, and pajamas.  Here is a peek inside his drawers.

The top two bins are for socks and underwear. There is a drawer for pants and one pajamas. One of the drawers (not pictured) is actually empty.

On the other side of the closet door is a banner he made as a keepsake for his first Holy Communion. There is quite a lot of religious decor in his room.

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Together, we were able to go through his clothes and gathered almost two full bags of things to donate. His closet is a lot less cluttered now. In the bin on the bottom left is clothes that are the next size up that he will be able to grow into. We were blessed with these handy-me down from a nice family we know and because money is tight for our family we do hold on to it. Since going through the girls room, I was able to use another couple of cube bins they are no longer using and now use them in Bradley’s closet. One cube is for his extra pillow case and the other is where I’m keeping the out of season but current size clothes in. Next to those is Bradley’s keepsake container and baby scrapbook.
We do use his closet to store the cats’ food and litter and ladder for the attic. We ended up moving the sewing machine shortly after taking these pictures.
So that is it for the boys room and this completes the kids room week. We will be moving Ignatius in with Bradley once he is older. We don’t usually kick the baby out of our room until we are about to have another baby. This is a really small room so I am not sure how fitting the baby in here is going to work out when that time does come. Hopefully we will have moved by then, God willing.
Are you going through a major purge? I would love to hear how you implement minimalism within kid rooms. Coming up soon, the LIVING ROOM.
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