We have one and a half bathrooms in our humble abode. Like I have said before, we have already been attempting to practice the minimalist lifestyle so there wasn’t much in the bathrooms to begin with. However, I did come across a couple minor items I did have some trouble with letting go of. Here’s the before pictures of our half bathroom.

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I had a picture sitting on the floor, next to the toilet for the past couple of months, not knowing if I wanted it in there or not. I wasn’t in love with the picture so much and I felt bad giving it away since it was gifted to me. I admit that is something I do need to work on. I’ve had it laying around the house for a year now, moving room to room, trying to figure out where to put it up. I am trying to seriously discern about what to keep in my home and ask my self all the questions suggested in the book Not of This World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism. I did ultimately decided to donate it.
Here is after reorganizing.
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The two little baskets is where we keep our hair bows. The girls do brand repping with a couple of small shops, so we do have a bunch of hair bows (I know, not very minimalist behavior). The jars is for storing hair ties and Q-tips. I have some fall decorations out right now, which is why I have little foxes and a pumpkin on the shelf. On to my (shared among 7 people) full bathroom.
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I sorry to say, but I totally forgot to take a before picture. To be honest the only thing I got rid of was an unused small 3 drawer organizer, and 2 expired medicine bottles. The drawer organizer was the other thing is week I had a hard time with letting go. It’s so tough for me to get rid of organizers, bins, or storage containers because there is that FEAR of “what if I need it later but wont be able to afford another one” or “maybe I can I use it for something else”. Something I realized I need to do…start letting go of that fear and start trusting and relying God. It’s so weird how I have no problem getting rid of most things but organizing things are more challenging.

I am one of those who likes to see uncluttered, flat surfaces. So I prefer to keep my sink cleared off except for hand soap. Having the sink stay cleared off makes it easier for whomever is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. It is a lot easier for a little one to wipe down the sink when they do not have to worry about moving a bunch of stuff. Above the toilet, on the shelf, is where we keep our shampoos and kid bodywash. We do not have a shower organizer so that is why we use the shelf. I am currently looking into other options though and hopefully I can get rid of the shelf.
Under the sink is where we keep toilet paper and some cleaning stuff. Stored in one of the plastic bins is our hairdryer, hair clippers, extension cord (there’s no outlet in the bathroom), and a curling iron. The other plastic bin is for keeping extra soaps, razors, and feminine care products. These are items we usually like buying in bulk.

The top shelf of built in shelves is where we keep our scale and cat stuff like the carrier. The next shelf doesn’t have much of a purpose. On the middle shelf we have a small three drawer organizer for our first aide stuff, extra oral care products, and a drawer for random stuff. I have this awesome organizer for all my makeup and nail stuff. I bought this to bring with me to hospital for my last baby and I LOVE it! I keep cotton balls and Q tips on the shelf next to it. Under that is our towel shelf, washcloths are in the green bin. There is nothing currently on the bottom shelf. At the very bottom is where we keep one of the cat poop boxes. I personally HATE that it’s in here but I don’t know where else to keep it.
Here is a picture of our first haul of donations to the thrift store. You can see the plastic drawer organizer and picture I had a hard time letting go off. I will say it was liberating as we dropped off everything at the donation center.
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So that’s it for my bathrooms. Not much of a difference but overall I am happy with how both bathrooms have come along and I am proud of myself for finally letting go of some things. Do you have any unnecessary items in your bathrooms? What are some things you struggle with letting go?
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Also, do check out the book Not of This World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism. It’s an amazing book. I love how Sterling Jaquith intertwines the Catholic faith with minimalism.