I don’t know if you know this about me but I have cats, a lot of cats. I’m not talking about a couple cats. I have SIX cats to be exact. I know, that’s a lot of cats! Their names: Mama Kitty, Bagheera, Wednesday, Maleficent, Beastie, and Gypsy. Having all these cats was purely unintentional, I swear. It started off with us taking in two cats that we thought were strays. They turned out to have been abandoned but our neighbors. They literally told us one day “Those cats you have in your house use to be ours but you can keep them, we didn’t feel like having them anymore so we put them out”, what the heck is that! So we kept them. How I justify how we ended up with 4 more cats, is a longer story for another day.

CatLady subscription box review

The purpose of this post is not to tell y’all about my cats but about this awesome subscription box for cat lovers and their cats called Cat Lady! When I first found out about Cat Lady I was super stoked. I obviously love cats, therefore I love cat things, which DUH! I really wanted to try CatLady out. The box I am sharing with you today was their January Winter Wonderpurrland box.

Here is a little about the company:


  • Their mission is to rebrand what it means to be a cat lady and show the world that cat ladies are beautiful, creative, successful women while also being cat lovers.
  • The company also gives back, CatLady created #catladyboxcares program. Through donations, #catladyboxcares has been able to help many organizations to ultimately help save cats. You can learn more at catladybox.com/catladyboxcares.
  • Every month you will receive an assortment of cat-themed items that shows off your cat lady pride. Items vary from shirts, home decor, jewelry, and more. There are two subscription box options: for 34.95 you can purchase the Cat Lady box which will include 2-3 items for cat ladies or you can subscribe for 39.95 and get the Crazy Cat Lady box which also includes 2 special treats for your cats.
  • You can learn a lot more at their website catladybox.com.

What is in the box???

We had the pleasure of trying out the Crazy Cat Lady box so we received 3 cat awesome goods for me and 2 toys for my cat babies.

CatLady Winter Subscription box

Inside the January box was:

  • In the box was a card with this cool picture by Cat Lady artist Krista Smith called “Snow Angel Cat Family”. It also list all the items in the box along with the retail value of each product, so you know your getting your money’s worth with this subscription. It also included a discount to the artist’s etsy shop.
  • Fantastic Cat Hoodie with CatLady Box’s logo on it. I was given a size large (which is what I did order) and it’s super baggy on me. I personally like my hoodies to be a bit oversized, so it doesn’t bother me, but I do feel it’s runs a tad large. It’s also really light. This is great for cool days that you only need a long sleeve shirt but definitely not for heavy enough to keep you warm on those cooler winter days.

CatLady Hoodie

  • Cat-Shaped Mug Exclusive for CatLady. Very simple but super adorable cat eared mug perfect for tea. In my opinion, it’s a little too small for coffee. I’m currently using it as a pen holder on my desk.
  • Kitty Cat Pen Set Exclusive for CatLady Box. These are absolutely adorable!! I LOVE these cute little cat pens and they write very smoothly. It very fine point which is nice because I can make precise markings in my bullet journal. Just check out those cute faces, little paw prints, and itty bitty tails!
  • Simon the Snowball cat toy. This too is an exclusive item for CatLady Box. This cute little furry snowball is full of North American grown catnip. This made my cats super wired. This must have been some good stuff because they acted like a bunch of psychos playing with this. All 6 cats were fighting over it. I was pleasantly surprised by this because they usually pay no attention to any other cat nip toy we have bought. They were going nuts even with the tag and ended up eating a quarter of it.



  • Snowflake Felt Wand Exclusive for CatLady Box. Both my cats and kids enjoyed playing with this. It’s been a few days and this has lasted longer than Simon the Snowball.


Overall thoughts

  • Pros
    • My cats loved the toys
    • You know your helping other animals in need
    • Quality cute cat stuff
  • Cons
    • A little pricey but you definitely get your money’s worth

I really like CatLady Box. I’m impressed with the products I received, my cats loved the cat toys, and I’m all for their efforts in helping cats. I feel this would be an awesome gift for any cat lover.


catnip toy from CatLady Box

Do you have any special fur babies? Have you or would you be interested in trying a subscription service that charms that pet-loving side of yours? Comment below!

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