The sacrament of penance, what a beautiful gift God has blessed us sinners with! How awesome is it that we get to confess our sins, be undeservingly forgiven, and then receive the graces that come with confession?!

Bradley had his FIRST confession December 3rd on the feast day of Saint Francis Xavier (the saint we named him after, how awesome is that!). It is so precious seeing the little children’s faces light up with that Holy Spirit glow and huge smiles as they walk out of the confessional. The way our parish coordinated it was so we got to go as family. As soon as our family was done with confession, we said a prayer to our holy Mother in the chapel area where they had little keepsake cards for the kids to have. It was truly a blessing to be able to share in the sacrament with my son. Afterwards, in order to make it extra special for Bradley, we went out for pizza and some arcade games.