Bb is for Bugle Fairy, St. Bernadette, and Birds!!!


This week we met the Bugle fairy in our Alphabet Path storybook. After that we colored our bugle fairy picture while listening to the bugle fairy’s song. This song is actually my favorite from the album. I would have to say, the flower fairy coloring is their favorite part of Alphabet Path.



Birds is also for letter B! Here was our book list for birds:

We first read About Birds. While we were reading that, it just so happened that a huge flock of Black Vultures were flying right out our backyard. That led us to do a little research on black vultures. It is so nice to be able to follow the rabbit trails here and there. I had the children draw a picture from the book, which turned out lovely.
Here’s a picture of the black vultures we saw.
In our special red book (Alphabet book of Saints), we read about Saint Bernadette. Our church has gifted everyone in the parish a free subscription to the amazing website Formed. On there, they have a children’s movie about Saint Bernadette. All the kids loved it! I am so glad we have access to that website.
The authors we focused on this week were Jan Brett and Eve Bunting. We absolutely love their books! Fortunately, I was able to get a good amount of both authors’ books from the library to read along with the ones we already owned.
Here is the book list of Jan Brett
Here is the list of Eve Bunting books
 A lot of these books were the books read at bedtime from Daddy. I’m very fortunate to have a very hands on husband 😉
Some of our other favorites to read for B are:
Beaver is also so helpful and will read aloud for us.

At the end of the week, we did our usual schooling at the park. I love doing school outside. It makes it so much more pleasant and the littles can run around and be less distracting. Daddy even did some teaching!

Daddy and Raccoon did Faith and Life reading together and picture narration from First Language Lessons. Beaver and I worked together on his Faith and Life and First Language Lessons book.

We read A Nest Full of Eggs while at the park and checked out the birds nest we spotted last time.


Since it’s now October, daddy read aloud Eve Bunting’s A Picnic in October. We even got a visit from a bee which also begins with B!
Here are other pictures of our lovely day out at the park…

Here are the duo teachers of Treeschool!



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Me with all five of my wild critters.

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So that was it for letter Bb. Stay tuned for letter Cc.