I am excited to share with you our plans for Along the Alphabet Path. You can learn more about the Alphabet Path here. Bradley and Genevieve both have done this in the past so Kateri is ecstatic to finally be able to do “fairy school”. This year the Alphabet Path will include all three girls; Genevieve, Kateri, and Avila. Bradley can participate and listen along to the read alouds, but he will not be required to.



Each week will have a letter that we focus on. The core books for the Alphabet Path are the Along the Alphabet Path storybook, A Flower Fairies Alphabet by Cicely Mary Barker (we have the Complete Flower Fairy Book that includes the alphabet fairies), An Alphabet Book of Catholic Saints, and Museum ABC. These are the books we will be looking at every week. I also have the Flower Fairies Alphabet coloring book that I have the kids will paint every week. Each week will have a specific theme where we will have a bunch of books on. There will be an author whose name begins with the letter of the week in which we will read a few of their books. I will also have preschool/ kindergarten printables or activities that also go along with the theme for the week.

For the Along the Alphabet Path storybook, I printed the whole story out, made and laminated a cover, and bound it using the Cinch Machine to make it into an actual book. I have a magazine holder designated to hold all of our Alphabet Path books in and that is kept on my homeschool shelf.

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I will post (or at least try to) every week about what exactly we read, did, and how it went. Come back at the end of each week and see how our journey Along the Alphabet Path goes.