One of our favorite studies we have done is Elizabeth Foss’ Along the Alphabet Path. This is a Catholic literature study that includes Saint stories, a little bit of botany, poems from Cicely Mary Barker, books from favorite children’s authors, painting, music, and a well-written story by Elizabeth Foss herself. This year I will be doing this study with Genevieve (2nd grade), Kateri (1st grade), and Avila (pre-K). Here are our plans for this year’s Along the Alphabet Path journey. 

Along the Alphabet Path

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along the alphabet path

The core books and materials for this study are:

The Alphabet Path is
a “letter of the week” type of study so it will take 26 weeks to complete. Since this is following the alphabet, it is super easy to organize because everything is alphabetical! The first part of the Alphabet Path is the Saints.

abc saints

Each week we will read a story from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints followed by a coloring page. Depending on the child’s capability, they will use the fun little rhyme from the book for copywork. Avila (who is still learning to handwrite) will only be copying the saint’s name. I also have made saint prayer cards for each saint of the week to have displayed. We will say the prayer throughout the week together as a family.

abc flower fairies

Next is my girls’ favorite part, the flower fairies. Each week, we will also be reading the letter of the week’s flower fairy poem from Cicely Mary Barker’s A Flower Fairies Alphabet. After reading the poem the girls will paint a picture of the flower fairy. I printed the pictures onto cardstock so it would be better to paint on. Each girl has their own 24ct watercolor pallet by Master Touch that we found from Hobby Lobby for half off to use. We will be playing the flower fairy songs from the A Flower Fairy Alphabet CD while we paint which are actually really catchy and fun songs. I also made flower facts cards for each flower referenced from the Alphabet Flower Fairies so we can learn a little bit more about the real flowers and see what they really look like. These cards are meant for quick fun facts of the flowers and not for super in-depth learning. I wanted something that is easy and ready to go with minimal prep. The flower facts card will also be displayed next to the alphabet saint prayer card.

And to tie it the flower fairies and saints together is the Along the Alphabet story by Elizabeth Foss.


This is a fun and lovely story about a boy’s adventure trying to find flowers for his mother’s birthday through the woods where he encounters Mrs. Applebottom, her fairy children, and their heavenly friends.

Here is a look at what a week will typically look like…

abc week


We will also read a handful of children books that goes with the letter of the week and focus on an author who starts with that letter. Example:

Letter Bb
Picture books:
Blueberries for Sal
Little Bear
Bedtime for Francis
The Run Away Bunny
The Bird House

Author: Jan Brett
The Hat
The Mitten
The Mermaid
Hedgie’s Surprise

These books will be kept in our morning/ tea time basket and also used as bedtime books.

There are our plans for this year’s Along the Alphabet Path journey. My girls are super excited to start. I will be posting every week what each letter of the week will look like and I will include any resources I use (like the links for saint coloring pages). Also, look out for photos I will post on Instagram. If you too are following along the alphabet path in your homeschool or use any of my printables please tag me, I’d love to see your pictures too!

You are free to download the alphabet saint and flower cards by clicking the link below.

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