November is only one week away which means ALL Saints Day is also coming up! If you are unaware of what All Saints Day is, it a day that us Catholic celebrate all those who have entered Heaven and it is a Holy Day of Obligation. Here are several fun ways to celebrate this joyous feast of our heavenly friends!

Copy of Celebrating the Feast of

Have an All Saint’s Party

Look into your local church groups or homeschool groups or host your own! Be A Heart Designs have lovely All Saints Day party supplies. You can have saint themed games and snacks. Our homeschool group’s All Saints party is usually the highlight of my children year.



  • St. Therese rose toss
  • St. Sebastian bow and arrow game
  • Pin the shamrock on St. Patrick
  • Saints Bingo
  • St. Isadora produce sorting
  • St. Cecilia musical chair
  • St. Anthony scavenger hunt
  • St. Peter fishing game


Make Saint costumes

My kids love making Saint costumes! You don’t need to be a seamstress or break the bank to do it. Look around the house for thing you can use! Old pillowcases, bedsheets, painters tape, and felt pieces are a few things I have used to make costumes. Finding material and figuring out how to put together a costume is part of the fun!

Here are a couple of costumes we have done in the past, no sewing involved!


Show and Tell

Have your kids each learn about a saint and then put on a show and tell! You can make this as a fun activity to do with your local homeschool group or something that the kids can show and tell daddy in the evening. Take a video of their show and tell as a keepsake and send it to family. This always makes little things like this even more special for my kids.

Examples of thing they can do for their show and tell are:

  • Could be reciting/ memorize a prayer or quote
  • Share some simple interesting facts like what a particular saint’s symbols are and meaning
  • Showing off a costume
  • making a picture of a saint
  • If your kid is old enough, they could share a saint themed snack that they make


Saint themed snacks 

Make a bunch of saint themed snacks! Catholic Cuisine has a TON of saintly themed food recipes.


Here is a free All Saints Day Prayer Card


>>>All Saints Prayer Card<<<

Make Saint Peg Dolls


Materials needed:
-Peg Dolls (Amazon has awesome prices on the wooden peg bodies, GIRL and BOY.)
acrylic paint
modge podge
paint brushes

These also make great gifts!

Read About the Saints


Grab a blanket, get cozy on the couch, and spend the month to read all about the saints!  This time of year is prime reading time too!

The Loyola Treasury of Saints

Catholic Saints for Children

Loyola Kids Book of Saints

Girl Saints for Little Ones 

Boy Saints for Little Ones

A Catholic Child’s Illustrated Lives of the Saints

Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times

Saint Joseph Book of Saints

Illustrated Lives of the Saints



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“O holy souls that now rejoice without fear of losing your joy and are forever absorbed in the praises of my God! Happy indeed your lot! How right that you should employ yourselves ceaselessly in these praises! and how my soul envies you, free as you now are from the affliction caused by the grievous offenses which are in these unhappy days are committed against my God! No longer do you behold all the ingratitude of men and their blindness nor the multitude of souls being carried away by satan.

O, blessed heavenly souls! Help us in our misery and intercede for us with the divine Mercy, so that we may be granted some part of your joy and you may share with us some of that clear knowledge which is now yours.

And You, O my God, make us understand what it is that You give to those who fight manfully through the dream of this miserable life. Help us, O loving souls, to understand what joy it gives you to behold the eternity of your bliss and what delight to possess the certain knowledge that it will never end.

O blessed souls, who knew so well how to profit by the gifts of God, and to purchase with this precious ransom so delectable and enduring a heritage, tell us how you won through Him such an eternal blessing! Assist us, since you are so near the Fountainhead. Draw water for those of us on earth who are perishing with thirst.”

St. Teresa of Avila

Copy of Celebrating the Feast of

Do you have any special plans for All Saints Day? I would love to hear other’s ideas on what they do to celebrate our heavenly friends.