A is for Apple Blossom Fairy, Apples, and St. Anne.
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This week we Started our journey Along the Alphabet Path!! Letter A was the focus this week. We first started off reading the first story of Michael and Mrs. Applebee from our Along the Alphabet Path story book. Once we were done with the story, they drew a picture of Mrs. Applebee. Beaver ended up joining us this week and I was a pleasantly surprised that both Beaver and Raccoon remembered some of the story and was excited to hear it again.
We also listened to the A Flower Fairies Alphabet CD. They love the music and I personally find it relaxing.
Letter A is also for angels, so we read Angels, Angels Everywhere. We talked about what angels are and how everyone has a guardian angel. We read about the guardian angel Wupsy from the Catholic Treasure Box series. They also practiced reciting the Guardian Angels prayer. Next we colored our Apple Blossom fairy pictures. Hedgehog and Deer also colored their alphabet letter A page.
 Some of our Alphabet Path studies was done at a park. Outdoor schooling is always lovely.
While at the park we read about Saint Anne from our Alphabet of Catholic Saints book and colored a picture of Saint Anne pregnant with baby Mary. I got the picture for free from Catholic Icings. Deer didn’t want to color that so she colored her letter A page instead. We also did our picture study of apples from the book Museum ABC.
Other books we read this week were:
Secrets of the Apple Tree (one of favorites)
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Here are some other pictures of our trip to the park



Look at this blue eyed cutie!! Next week we move on to letter B!