This year Beaver will be Level 1A/ yr 2 (3rd grade), Raccoon is now Level 1B (1st grade), and Hedgehog is prep level. We will continue to use Mater Amabilis as a guideline while supplementing to fit our needs. Here are our curriculum choices for this year.

Beaver – Level 1/yr 2 (3rd grade)


Religion (N)        **(N) = narration

  1. Faith and Life: Grade 3
  2. Catholic Tales for boys and girls by Leslie Silk Eslinger
  3. A Life of Our Lord for Children by Marigold Hunt


  1. Math U See – Gamma

Language Arts

  1. Reading
    1. Faith and Freedom readers
  2. Grammar (3x a week)
    1. First Language Lessons level 2 (finishing up from last year)
    2. First Language Lessons level 3
  3. Writing: IEW
  4. Spelling: Spelling City with Seton Spelling
  5. Handwriting: D’Nealian Cursive 3rd grade by Scott Foresman
  6. Copywork & Dictation


  1. Classic Myths to Read Aloud (N)
  2. children’s classics
  3. Andrew Lang fairy book (N)


Raccoon – Level 1b (1st grade)


Religion (N)

  1. Faith and Life 1


  1. All About Reading level 1


  1. Math U See – Alpha


  1. First Language Lessons level 1
  2. Handwriting
    1. Delightful Handwriting


  1. Aesop for Children
  2. Children classic
  3. Blue fairy book


Hedgehog – Preplevel


Although Hedgehog is considered preschool, I don’t start any formal schooling until the age 6. I have handwriting printables and a couple cheap workbooks to keep her busy when she wants “school work” but as of now I just do a lot of reading with her. She doesn’t seem too interested in school yet so I’m not pushing anything right now.  In a couple months, after she turns five, I am thinking about starting Along the Alphabet Path from Elizabeth Foss with her and Raccoon.


Things we are doing as a family  



  1. Story of Civilization: Ancient World
  2. Catholic faith comes to the Americas (Seton history 3)

Habit/ Character training/ Virtues

  1. P.A.C.E  –  Program for Achieving Character Education

Morning Time 

  1. Religion
    1. Bible (New Catholic Picture Bible or the Catholic Bible for Children)
    2. Illustrated lives of the Saints *with map work
  2. Art
  3. Music
  4. Poetry


We have from Simply Charlotte Mason Journaling a Year in Nature that we take with us on nature walks. We love going to a nearby state park for the majority of our nature walks.

These are our curriculum choices for this year. I am very hopeful and excited to see where our journey in home educating my children goes. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity.

To see how I organize all their books and curriculum please check out my post about my homeschool areas. Also, check out my homeschool bullet journal/ planner.