The way I plan our studies is similar to how I bullet journal. Currently, I am using a Cognitive Surplus grid and lined notebook. I really like the size. It is small enough to comfortably fit in my handbag. The grid and line feature is great, but most of all I love how super cute it is. Look at the design on it!

IMG_5200 (Edited)

In the very front is the key page followed by the index.

IMG_5201 (Edited)

My year at a glance allows me to note when future events, clubs, or other activities are in the future.

IMG_5202 (Edited)

I also kept a general weekly overview of my planner. Green is for Beaver and pink is for Raccoon. The weekly overview serves as a reference for when each subject is scheduled. Although I am actually not currently going by this, it’s a general guideline.

IMG_5203 (Edited)

My monthly layouts change up from time to time. I am always changing my mind on how I would like things set up. This is the beauty of the bullet journal method and why it works so well for me.

IMG_5205 (Edited)

I line the edges of each month with washi tape so it is easier for me to find my place. I’ll list any events, task, and notes for the month here. The monthly calendar is a printable I got from here.

When I lesson plan I only plan out 3 weeks at a time. We usually have 3 weeks of school with 1 week off. That week is usually more relaxed within our studies and mainly for catching up on any unfinished school work. It is also purposed as a major home cleaning week. Here is what one week’s layout of school work would look like. This example is from the beginning of the year.

IMG_5204 (Edited)

Here is another way I laid out the three weeks at a time. This is a more recent layout from earlier February.

IMG_5206 (Edited)


This is a very different way of lesson planning. I like this method, it allows me to tweak things as I go.  How do you lesson plan; do you use a planner, notebook, or even an app? Comment below.