Kateri is officially a homeschooler! We always do kindergarten exemption so this is her first official year as a homeschooler. WOO-HOO!! Kateri is a first grader and some of her studies are going to be combined with her sisters.


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Our first-grade curriculum choices for 2019 – 2020 



I decided to start using Faith and Life 2 to start preparing for her first communion next year. We will be doing only doing the first half of Faith and Life this year and finish the second half next year.

We will work on memorization and learning what will be tested for her first communion exam the following year. I will also use this for copywork.

  • Bible and saint stories will be included in our morning/tea time basket as well.


Language Arts:

We were using All About Reading, which Kateri did enjoy, but after making changes with Genevieve’s reading, I decided to have Kateri also give the Good and the Beautiful a shot. 

We will be using Delightful Handwriting from Simply Charlotte Mason in the D’Nealian style for handwriting instruction. My children learning to properly form the letters and produce their very best writing skills is important for me. I like how Delightful Handwriting is available as a PDF because I can print out as many pages as needed, especially if more practice needs to be done on any certain letter.

We really enjoy First Language Lessons. The plan is to do two to three lessons a week. I have created poem cards so that way we can have an easy visual for the poem memorization. You can download and print for free these poem cards too; both First Language Lessons level 1 and level 2 are available.


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Along the Alphabet PathIncludes some literature, botany, religion

Along the Alphabet Path

Once again we will be doing the Along the Alphabet Path studies. This includes a story written by Elizabeth Foss (you can find it here), the Alphabet of Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker, an Alphabet of Catholic Saints, and favorite childhood books and authors. You can read more about our Along the Alphabet plans here.








We are very blessed to have a decently large Catholic homeschool group in our area. They have a co-op that covers history, science, art, and the Catechism of the Good Shepherd for little ones. My kids are excited to be part of the co-op and look forward to seeing their friends more often. 

First Grade

My main goal for this year is for Kateri to have a desire to learn. So far she has had no interest in school work and I really hope to instill in her that love of learning. I know she is really smart and beyond capable and I am excited to see where this school year will take us.


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